Boston University Finance

The Vice President of Finance of Boston University Student Government seeks to facilitate and ensure that Student Government is doing our best to fulfill its goals for the benefit of the undergraduate student body. Student Government receives funding directly from the Undergraduate Student Services Fee. We have an obligation to use this funding to its maximum potential to ensure the greatest benefit for every single student. The VP of Finance ensures that Student Government fulfills this obligation. They will provide financial planning, structure, and logistics to all components of Student Government and to individual school Student Governments if necessary.

The Vice President of Finance for the 2019-2020 academic year is Lukas Flores. Lukas seeks to validate the legitimacy of the Boston University Student Government by demonstrating to the university capability of Student Government to function.

About the documents linked below:

  • Financial Policies: This document describes the financial policies of student spending under the Boston University Student Government. Coming soon.

  • SG Transactions: This document contains all of the Student Government transactions from the day that Student Government started recording financial transactions through the University wide online student organization database OrgSync.

  • Finalized Budget: This document contains information of what Student Government is planning to spend it’s allocated funds on throughout the academic year.

  • Financial Statements: These are the financial statements that are prepared by the VP of Finance. Coming soon

  • Financial Presentation: These are the presentations the finance department or VP of Finance present’s in front of Student Government.