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We, the Undergraduate Student Government of Boston University, aspire to build community and strengthen student voices, provide a sustainable avenue that bridges the gap between ourselves and the administration, advocate for the common good by finding common ground, support one another, and foster a safe, productive environment that promotes personal growth and equality.

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A Skipping Stone

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”

-Mother Teresa

The quote above serves as the inspiration for this mural. For any single human being, making one’s mark on the world is a daunting task. However, in reality, it only takes a few steps to begin the process of making change. In this work, the hands represent a human’s physical being, and the feather-like objects escaping them mimic one’s creation, mark, or thought. The act of releasing these thoughtful gifts and actions to the community is central to the meaning of the work. “The Skipping Stone” urges each viewer to think outside the bounds of location, ethnicity, gender, race, and creed, in order to reify the message of change in the world through the power of the mind. The 2018-2019 Student Government commissioned this work to reflect their mantra of positive change through communal spirit. Check out the Student Government Office today to see T.J.’s “A Skipping Stone.”

By T.J Bergeron (CFA’ 20)