Student Government is not about the few dozen people in it but about the student body who make student government possible. OneBU is a team comprised of students from diverse backgrounds and experiences who are also involved in various groups and organizations across Boston University’s incredible campus. We are committed to expanding the voices of our amazing students through our platform by bringing transparent student government directly to them.



Underrepresented Students Week

We aspire to support each community at BU. This university contains a wide range of students that vary from different countries, races, and backgrounds. We support the LGBTQIA+ community, the various racial groups on campus, and any underrepresented student or organization on campus. Every single person at BU deserves to feel a part of this beautiful and diverse community. Our differences are what makes this institution so unique, and those differences should be celebrated. OneBU desires to make campus feel that even though BU is made of so many people, many cultures, and many identities, we are a family. We are OneBU.

Throughout Underrepresented Students Week, we would like to highlight underrepresented student groups at Boston University. OneBU is excited to announce that minority groups, first-generation students, transfer students and students that identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community will be celebrated throughout this week on different days. We plan on promoting various on-campus resources during these days; bringing in FirstGen Connect during the day for first-generation students, ASDB, and mentorship programs offered throughout campus. In addition, we hope for everyone to show their support by wearing planned statement-shirts all throughout the week. To culminate the incredible week and the incredible people, OneBU will host an event on Friday that’ll celebrate ALL underrepresented students.


Here at Boston University, OneBU believes that each and every student should feel proud of the Boston community we are apart of. This end of the year event, ONEGala, will be to create community while showcasing Boston University’s greatest talent! This night will be where the Boston University community can celebrate students in different fields of art while also coming together for the greater good of philanthropy. It’ll be unique compared to other formal events as ALL proceeds will go to a nearby charity! OneBU would like to collaborate with ALL student organizations including, but not limited to; art groups, community engagement organizations, cultural clubs, and groups in and around campus to ensure an extraordinary philanthropic event. We believe that coming together for a great cause will ignite a feeling of togetherness and inclusiveness throughout our campus while also helping organizations boost their presence on Boston University’s campus.

Out of Office, Office Hours

OneBU wants to maintain constant communication with all organizations who are willing to meet in order to make sure every voice is heard and their actions are carried out. We want to implement bi-weekly meetings with representatives from organizations and clubs called Out of Office, Office Hours, where representatives from clubs and organizations meet to promote transparency with our administration. Our goal is to continually update those clubs with our progress, giving them a space to communicate with Executive Board members directly. Furthermore, we will send out a weekly newsletter updating the student body on any events and news necessary.


Self Care Wednesdays

Need a moment to relax and unwind? Taking care of your mental and physical health is often not considered a task one puts on their daily agenda. OneBU wants students to refresh themselves constantly. Working to become the best version of yourself takes time.

If elected, OneBU will commit to hosting weekly gatherings where students will be able to journal, vent, wear a face mask, drink tea, or simply take a break from their daily responsibilities. Self-care is a continual process, and we want to help our community in the best way we can. That is why we want to work with the Boston University Student Government’s existing Mental Health Committee to continue promoting enhanced self-care habits as one community.

Health Blog

If voted in, OneBU would like to provide Boston University students with a platform where they will be able to discuss proper health practices while also being able to share advice that they use for themselves. For the proper health practices, we will partner with Student Health ServicesSARP, and various wellness student organizations here at BU to provide students with quality, up-to-date information on all things health. This platform would behave as a one-stop shop for any advice or information relevant to the health, wellness, and nutrition for members of the BU community. Along with references to the wellness resources on campus, a blog portion for students will be available to discuss and share any relevant information and useful tips for a variety of topics, building community through collaboration and mutual benefit.


Build Yourself

By partnering with the Center for Career Development (CCD), OneBU will host monthly workshops that will offer guidance to students looking to improve in the professional world. The Center for Career Development offers free resources to students that’ll equip them with the skills needed through their future career, regardless of major. These workshops include, but are not limited to building resumes and cover letters, creating and enhancing LinkedIn accounts, and practicing how to interview could provide immediate aid to our community looking to develop themselves.

Build Your Network

Through collaborating with the Career Advisory Network, we will be dedicated to connecting our community to the Boston University alumni network. Through this library of post-graduate Terriers, current students would be able to meet in any industry of their choice. Through utilizing community centers such as the BUild Lab, we will be committed to hosting monthly industry lunches. This will be an opportunity where students will be able to converse with professionals in the Boston area while also being given the possibility of future mentorship, shadowing opportunities and/ job opportunities.

Build Your Idea

Have an idea but unsure what to do next? Working on a startup but looking for more resources to utilize? The BUild Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center is the center for transforming ideas into impact!

The Innovation Pathway is Innovate@BU’s keystone program that fosters and encourages all types of new ideas created by current Boston University students. OneBU will look to promote this inspiring pathway because whether students want to launch a new business or nonprofit, or dream of creating a community event or campus initiative, this self-paced program is made of four stages (Get Inspired, Walk, Run, Fly) which will guide students toward the inspiration, resources, and opportunities needed to develop new ventures or projects. In addition, the program includes the possibility for mentorship, funding and community events.



Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 12.36.25 PM.pn

WHAT’S UP BOSTON UNIVERSITY!! My name is Oliver Pour, and I’m from Great Neck, New York. I’m a sophomore in the College of General Studies, majoring in Public Relations. I would like to be YOUR President because student government isn’t only about those involved in Executive Board, Judicial, or our Legislative Branch but it’s about involving the 16,000+ students that make Boston University and I believe OneBU will be able to enhance our community here! Fun fact? I was born on a leap year so I would be the youngest student government President in the history of Boston University at only 5 YEARS OLD!



Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 12.36.37 PM.pn

Yoo, BU! My name is David Joseph and I’m an Economics major in the Class of 2022 from Winchester, Massachusetts (20 minutes outside of Boston). As someone who hasn’t been involved in student government before, I think I can bring a fresh, outside perspective, and I want anyone and everyone to become involved with our administration no matter what previous experience you’ve had. Something unique about me? I can basically play any instrument, so if you see someone playing the piano, or any other instrument, in the GSU... it’s probably me.



Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 12.36.53 PM.pn

Hi BU! My name is Megan de Armas and I’m a sophomore majoring in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Accounting and Internal systems from Miami, Florida. I’m running for Vice President of Finance because not a great amount of people know how our Boston University Student Government functions, and I want to be a part of that change that’ll reach every corner of the Boston University community. Fun fact? I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 47 seconds.



Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 12.37.03 PM.pn

Hey BU! My name is Nyah Jordan, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Journalism and minoring in Political Science from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I’m running to be your Vice President of Internal Affairs because I want to foster more open engagement within student government, the university’s administration, and the student body. It’s important for every student to feel comfortable in approaching student government not only for their problems, but for events, for promotions, for new ideas, and sometimes, just for a conversation. Fun fact? My hair is naturally red!


Actively Moving Forward (AMF), Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Boston University Students for Israel (BUSI), BU Club Baseball, Chi Phi, Delta Delta Delta (Tri-Delta), Delta Tau Delta, Entrepreneur's Club, Fin Tech Club, Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), Jewish Empowered Women (JEW), Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Omega Phi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Real Estate Club, Sigma Delta Tau, Spoon University, TAMID Group, Theta Tau, Hillel Student Organization, Delta Gamma, JC Hispaniola Club, Ski Club, and Synchronized Skating Team.