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Senate is the representative branch of Boston University Student Government and is overseen by the Senate Chair and Vice Chair. The senators come from either their respective schools or colleges or are members of a special interest group represented in Senate during that academic year. Of these senators, 36 are proportionally representative of the different undergraduate schools and colleges while three are representatives of their respective interest groups. Senators’ duties to their constituents involve bringing forward issues and advocacy topics their constituents have a vested interest in, proposing initiatives and plans to address their constituents’ concerns, and participating in weekly discussion on topics discussed in Senate meetings. Overall, Senators should strive to be leaders and forces for change within their college or college or university-wide.

All students are welcome to attend our weekly meetings on Mondays in the Photonics Building (8 St. Mary’s Street) at 8pm.

Please note that this year all Senators shall attend the Student Government Alumni Reception on September 20, 4 pm-6pm and the USG Training Day on September 22, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm.

CAS Senator: 14 Positions Available
After applications have been filled, CAS will conduct interviews from September 14 through September 18. Senators will be appointed by September 19th.

ENG Senator: 1 Position Available
To apply please click on the link below and email ENG President Ignacio Fimbres indicating your interest in serving as a senator.

COM Senator: 4 Positions Available
To apply please click on the link below and email COMSA indicating your interest in serving as a senator. Voting will take place on September 16.

Questrom Senator: 3 Positions Available
To apply please click on the link below. Voting will take place on September 18.

Senate Vice-Chair
The Senate Vice Chair works in conjunction with the Senate Chair to help coordinate and run Senate meetings and events. To apply please click on the link below.

At-Large Senator:
To apply please click on the link below and email the Senate Chair Karla Leon indicating your interest in serving as an At-Large Senator. Please make sure to which party you would like to represent.

  • Leather Apron (4 Positions Available)

  • First Year Enhancement (1 Position Available)

  • Jonmichael Party (2 Positions Available)

  • Transfers United (1 Position Available)

  • XKCD (2 Positions Available)

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VP Chief of Staff

Seeking Director of Recruitment

The Department of Recruitment is responsible for recruiting, educating and maintaining the interest of the student body in the goals and initiatives of Student Government. We work with the other departments to determine how we can expand and improve our reach and influence to students and faculty members. We also communicate with different student groups and organizations at Boston University in order to promote the initiatives of Senate and the other Departments. We will be connecting with students directly through Splash and many other first month events and collecting their contact information for better outreach throughout the year. Our primary goal is to expand Student Government into a reputable and visible force on campus and throughout Boston.

To apply please email the Executive Vice-President by clicking here.

The Executive Vice President of BU Undergraduate Student Government is looking for a Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff will be in charge of communications and logistics for communications with the Cabinet of the Undergraduate Student Government. They will additionally manage the Executive VP’s schedule within Student Government and set up meetings and agendas for these meetings. The Chief of Staff will additionally act as a point of contact for all Cabinet Directors and staff to the Executive VP.


Description: Executive Staffers work closely with Cabinet directors and members of Executive Board to fulfill their respective agendas. Executive Staff members should be undergraduate students at Boston University in good standing with the university. Apply to join the student government Executive Staff with roles currently available in the following departments:

  • Academic Affairs

  • City Affairs

  • Communications

  • Environmental Affairs

  • Events

  • Recruitment

  • Social Advocacy

Time commitment: Low-Medium. Varies across departments and positions.

Requirements: No experience necessary.