Feeling Drained

Feeling Drained by Anonymous

LfA has impacted the mental health of every student at BU and has affected each person in different ways. In my case, I have found that not talking to my fellow students in class has had a much greater impact on me than I could have predicted at the beginning of LfA. While I’ve still been able to facetime friends and meet up with people who are on campus (socially distanced of course), I have found that the lack of causal interactions with people I recognize on campus or in my classes has been really draining.

Before the pandemic began, I definitely took the BU community for granted. I didn’t realize how happy it made me to see acquaintances around campus or have a casual chat with someone in class. While I know that this will make me all the more grateful for those casual interactions in the future, I have to recognize how draining this process has been. It is incredibly emotionally isolating to take classes from your dorm, even if you have friends in your classes.

To better my mental health in the face of this isolation, I’ve been more active in student organizations and made sure that I get out of my room a couple of times a day, even just to walk to get a coffee or sit on the BU beach. This is a hard time for us all, and I hope that we all feel less isolated next semester.

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