Motivation as the Semester Ends

Motivation as the Semester Ends - Jessica Riley

As college students, there is one thing I’m sure we can all relate to- burnout. It’s inevitable and we can all feel when it’s coming, but that does not make it any easier to deal with. There is something about the beginning of the semester; it feels like the reset button has been hit and somehow, I find it much easier to focus on schoolwork. However, as the cold air defrosts, I can’t help but get distracted by the blue skies and 65-degree weather, which only lessens my desire to get work done.

We’ve all been there, and as hard as it can be, there are definitely ways to refocus and find that final boost to get through the semester! As counterintuitive as it may feel, when my mind and body are trying to tell me that I’m tired, hungry, or just need a break- I listen. Small breaks are like that reset button. So, when your body is trying to tell you that you need something, as much as you might want to push through and keep working, just stop! Take 5 minutes to grab a snack, go on a quick walk, or facetime a friend. I try to work through feeling guilty from stepping away from my work, but I know that this is what I need and what is ultimately going to help me get work done.

It’s easy to put pressure on yourself and feel like you need to be productive all of the time, but this is unhealthy and leads down a path where you prioritize your grades over your mental health. Trust me, I have been there too. However, it is a beautiful feeling to recognize that mental health and good grades are not mutually exclusive; you can have both! Finding that balance can be difficult. Sometimes I feel like I’m spending too much time doing homework, and other times I feel like I’m not spending enough time working. So, in attempt to combat this and find balance, I like to block off specific times when I will work and when I relax. For me, this could be planning to grab chipotle on Sunday night with a friend or booking a fitrec appointment a few days in advance. This allows you to take care of yourself while still having plenty of time to focus on school. Overall, the key to avoiding burnout is moderation. Getting through the semester is a one-day-at-a-time battle!

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