Pandemic Effects on Mental Health + Ideas for Change at BU

Pandemic Effects on Mental Health + Ideas for Change at BU – Anonymous

This pandemic has been hard on mental health since it has been harder to feel connected to others. I feel like it has been hard for people to even initiate conversations since everyone is already going through a lot and probably feeling drained. It can be difficult to interact with others outside of texting and FaceTiming. I miss being able to meet people through in-person experiences such as classes and clubs. One way I have tried to still connect to my friends in a fun way is through weekly game nights. I highly recommend Covidopoly and Codenames!

One thing I would like to see changed in regards to mental health at BU is accessibility. It can be hard for low-income students to receive treatment due to their insurance and costs such as copay. I also wish to see more awareness about the resources BU offers since many people might need help but do not know where to start.

Most of my classes are remote this semester, and all my meetings have been through Zoom which means that I spend a great portion of my day on Zoom. When I am not in class or in meetings, I am still on my computer to do homework. I have tried to combat this alarming amount of screen time by going outside for walks.

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