Pandemic Effects, Zoom Fatigue & Academic Burnout Advice

Pandemic Effects, Zoom Fatigue & Academic Burnout Advice – Anonymous

TW: mention of suicidal thoughts

These unprecedented times have been both positive and negative for my mental health. After losing two family members and going through a breakup, these isolating times have been very difficult. However, having this time has allowed me to work on my mental health and finally seek help by going to therapy. My therapist and I have made tremendous progress. I was able to contact BU’s behavioral medicine and referred me to an outpatient practice that would take my insurance.

BU was very helpful in providing me with the necessary support and resources. Therefore, I believe BU is doing a good job at providing resources and spreading awareness of these matters. Through the use of wellness days, articles, Instagram feed, and other sources of awareness, I have seen mental health be taken more seriously and less stigmatized. The professors have also been very understanding of our burnout and fatigue during this time which has been very helpful.

There have been often times where I find myself burnt out or have zoom fatigue. My best advice for Zoom Fatigue and Academic Burnout would be to not go on your phone, instead lay on the floor on your back, and just look at the ceiling for around 5 minutes. This grounding exercise allows for your parasympathetic nervous system to activate and rests your eyes from the screen. In addition, I would suggest going outside on a walk or using the headspace app (which is free to BU students).

I have been dealing with mental health adversities since I was around 6 years old. I have had plenty of experiences that could never fit into a single blog post. But, I can recall a time in high school that I would say was my lowest point. I was very depressed and suicidal. Without the support of my family and boyfriend at the time, I don’t know where I’d be. I later realized that my birth control medication was to blame for this. The takeaway here is that you should always find the right medication for you and be careful when doing so, as well as seeking out support from friends and family during difficult times. Everyone’s mental health journey looks different, however, the need to seek out support is the same.

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