Self-Care Q&As

Self-Care Q&As- Anonymous

What are some self-care tips that have worked for you?

I am fortunate enough to be able to take a walk on the Charles/into Cambridge. Going

outside after my classes are over and after starting homework has done wonders for my

mental health and in reducing stress. I just listen to music and it allows me to focus on just

being outside and spending time by myself, rather than sitting in my room and avoiding

homework. I always feel that I am more productive when I am outside and walking. Even

though it is not doing homework it is making my body work and even getting outside of my

apartment is an accomplishment these days.

What are some of the stigmas you faced in regards to mental health?

I have faced stigmas from my own parents. My mother often tells me “you just have to move

on” when I go to her regarding an experience that exacerbates my anxiety. However, this

isn’t really what I want/need to hear. My anxiety makes it so that I need to talk through a

situation rather than just “letting it go”. I have also faced the stigma of BU creating a “don’t

ask don’t tell” policy that has surrounded sexual assault. I feel that this attitude also extends

to mental health and that we are not able to get a break when a mental health situation

comes up. Administration seems to expect only perfection from their students with little

regard to how we cope with the pressures regarding completing school work,

extracurriculars and even maintaining a social life. Furthermore, though it is not proven that

BU engages in grade deflation, the lack of a standardized grading system has only

exacerbated stress and mental health struggles, at least for me. Each class has different

guidelines and each teacher has a different policy. That combines with the emphasis that

BU puts on grades itself, even though they do not seem to be important in the real world,

BU does little to dispel the pressure that many of us put on ourselves to achieve a perfect



How has the pandemic changed your worldview? Changed how you perceive BU,

friendships, and school?

I have been disappointed with BU during the pandemic. I understand the importance of us

staying healthy and staying on campus. But BU has done little to allow for connection

between either one’s own friends or making new friends. I have felt the burden of social

isolation and BU’s strictness has only made it worse. It feels so hypocritical for Dean Elmore

to constantly remind us to stay in our dorms but also to not face mental health struggles due

to the isolation of the pandemic. There are many students who do not have the time to go

outside and take a walk or a bike ride on the Charles. Professors do not seem to give us a

break and act as if we do not have to deal with the burdens placed upon us that are further

exacerbated by the pandemic. The BU today newsletter itself cited issues with students’

mental health and the pandemic yet BU does not seem to have changed its policies at all to

adapt to student’s mental health’s struggles.

Own topic relating to MH (write about an experience)

I have faced an abundant amount of struggles getting medication to appropriately manage

my anxiety. Due to the fact that I do not have a doctor up here it is very difficult to get a

prescription for my much needed medication. I once went for three weeks without

medication, which was horrible. I don’t think I’ve cried so many times nor have I thought so

much about wanting to drop out of all my classes and go live with the ducks across the BU

Bridge. I feel that Bu should provide much better resources to get students access to their

medication. I understand that students can abuse medications and thus there needs to be

regulation. However, if documentation can be produced that students need these then BU

should connect them with a pharmacy. My insurance significantly hinders the process of me

getting the medication I need due to the fact that they are just a corporation and want to

save as much money as possible. So in order to avoid insurance I went to student health

and I would have had to get an appointment. I didn’t want to go through this process and

alas waited for my medication. I do not feel comfortable using SHS to go to a doctor’s

appointment. I have heard bad things about SHS and this bad reputation precludes

students from seeking resources they need. Furthermore, when I have attempted to call

them and set up an appointment they have been nothing but rude and thus led me away

from using their resources. SHS must be a much more useful resource, not only for

medications but simply for students who may be hesitant to talk about their mental health.

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