January 2019 - Best we’ve ever had

Happy New Year Family!

I hope that the Spring Semester is off to a fantastic start for you all. Student Government is very excited to begin this semester with some major opportunities for our community to come together. First off, we would like to extend an invitation to ANY student group to apply for our Academic Club Grant Competition. The grand prize is worth $1,000 and the competition itself is part of our Academic Affairs Department’s focus on assisting student groups and supporting their ideas. Secondly, I ask that you fill out this 1 minute survey about recycling on campus. Our Director of Environmental Affairs, Grace Li, has been working tirelessly to push Student Government and the entire campus to being more environmentally conscious. Boston University’s Climate Action Plan has been progressing very nicely and we want to keep doing our part.

Lastly, in collaboration with Umoja: the Black Student Union, the African Student Organization, and the Students of Caribbean Ancestry, we will be hosting a joint African Diaspora Cultural Night in Warren Towers Dining Hall on February 12th. The dining hall menu will feature traditional dishes from the African Diaspora as a chance to celebrate Black History Month while showcasing the diversity of cultural traditions and heritages that are fostered here at BU. Dinner starts at 5 PM and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Finally, as we begin to look forward to the election of a new Student Body President, and a brand new Executive Board, I ask that you consider running for Student Government and helping this campus come together next year. We need more people invested and willing to continue the major success that we’ve had this year. You can declare your slate now!

Oh I almost forgot!

I teased at the end of last semester that our first spring concert in years is coming on April 5th. I’ll end my email by saying that by the time you hear from me again, you will know who will be joining us for 802.1… 

            Take Care,
            Devin Harvin

December 2018 - Spring Concert Loading


December has hit and the cold weather has us moving from class to class a lot quicker. I wanted to check in one last time this semester to let you know about all the progress that Student Government has made this semester. First, we made a commitment to being consistent with the student body and we have done our best to send out a monthly email, reach out to student groups (shoutout to the Senator Outreach Program), and open ourselves to any questions or comments that anyone may have. We will continue to be a resource for anyone to utilize. Every Wednesday of the academic year we will have our weekly student government event from 6 PM - 8 PM, so come on out!

Secondly, we promised you a scholarship portal way back in March when we were running for office and Adia Turner, our Director of Social Advocacy, and her team has delivered! You can find over a hundred scholarships organized and accessible here. We listed increased study spaces and investigated grade deflation as well as a zero-cost textbook initiative as part of our goal and we have kept true to our promise. We’re in the secondary stages of talking about grade deflation and the zero-cost textbook initiative and this finals period we are happy to announce that dining halls will be open from 9 PM - 2 AM for study. In addition as apart of R&R, we have made Metcalf a place for study and communal meals as well as a few CAS classrooms. All are welcome!

Lastly, I’m sure you’ve probably heard the rumors by now, and I’m here to tell you that they’re true. We have been working tirelessly with the Campus Activities Board on planning our first SPRING CONCERT that will take place in April. We’re calling it 802.1! This concert will be a chance for us all to come together to celebrate our accomplishments and connect as one unified body like never before. Stay tuned for ticket sales and artist announcements by following BU Student Government...big things are coming...

Happy New Year,
Devin K Harvin

November 2018 - Winter is Coming

Hey BU Family!

We are so close to finishing out this semester, and I just wanted to encourage you to keep on keeping on. The nights are longer and the temperatures are colder, so try to spread some warmth to your fellow Terriers. Remember that you have college senators as well, at-large senators, that are here to listen and advocate for your beliefs. Reach out to them anytime! If you’re still looking for ways to join the movement, we have job openings! One item we are looking into, is food insecurity on our campus and we ask that you take 15 seconds to fill out this quick survey so we can figure out how to best advocate for you!

As finals period quickly approaches, we at Student Government wanted to find a way to let you all know that our community is still here for each and every one of you. So, we came up with an answer in the creation of R & R.

R & R is a space for all undergrads to join together and study for Finals season. During these study hours, we will share three communal meals with one another. We want to respect the need for isolated work, but allow everyone to get a good meal with members of our BU community. All day December 13th and December 14th in Metcalf Ballroom, we will have food, stress kits, school supplies, and a space for you to study. FREE of cost. You can sign up here!

Another new way we hope to engage with you is through our new, “Ask Me Anything Series,” (we’re calling it the AMAs for short.) The AMAs are a monthly conversation with professors, administrators, alumni and current students about a variety of topics. Director of Academic Affairs, Aditya Jain, has been working night and day to bring you the first installment of this series which covers STEM, featuring professors and alumni. Come out on Tuesday, November 27th at CILSE starting at 6 PM.

Lastly, I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to the family of Meng Jin, a member of our BU family, who passed away from a biking accident earlier this month. Continue to be safe and more importantly, to be there for each other.

Take Care,

Devin Harvin

October 2018 - Keep The Family Close

Hey BU Family! I hope you are all staying healthy, happy and hopeful thus far in the school year. I’ll continue to reach out to you all every month to remind you that we at Student Government are here for you. One of the ways to stay connected is through our brand new Student Government Website. Here, you can keep up to date with our events, stay informed with Senate, and find numerous other resources that will make your life at BU a bit easier. For example, check out our amazing new BU survival guide that freshmen and seniors alike can definitely learn a few things from. 

In order to help your Student Government assess the needs of each and every one of you, we need to hear your input. One way you can do this is by answering a quick question for me, what do you care about outside of Boston University? Voting? Student Debt? Just fill out this form and let me know. Sarah Paco, Director of City Affairs, and I are creating an amazing community service experience and we want to hear what your thoughts are!

On behalf of the entire Student Government team, I’d like to say how incredibly grateful I am for the support you all have shown us thus far. If you haven’t been to one of our events or seen us tabling literally everywhere around campus, the invitation is always extended to each and everyone of you to join us on Wednesday’s from 6 PM - 8 PM for our weekly events. Building community at BU remains our focus each and every day. On November 9th you can join us at Case Gym for the start of the Men’s Basketball Season. If you want to showcase your artistic talent for this huge home opener, get involved with our upcoming T-shirt design contest. By combining the BU Student Government Logo and the BU Athletics logo in a creative way your design could be used for the student section at the game! You can submit your designs to stugov@bu.edu

Remember, keep the family close, we’re in this together.
Take Care, 
Devin Harvin

Student Body President