Senate Chair

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Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 p.m.

Andrew Chiao

CAS ’19, SPH ‘20

My name is Andrew Chiao, and I am a senior majoring in International Relations on a Pre-Medical Track with a dual degree for a Master’s in Public Health. I was born in Indianapolis but raised in Chicago, Illinois until I fell in love with the City of Boston and decided to spend the next four plus one years of my life here.

My specific interests are in my concentrations: International Systems/World Order and Middle East/North Africa. I currently work for the International Institute of New England, a refugee resettlement agency based in Boston. I plan to take my I.R. and public health background to medical school before going to work for the U.N. down the road. I also work for the Undergraduate Admissions Office, am a member of CAS Student Government, spend a decent amount of time with the Running Club, and climb at the rock wall at FitRec.

While I did not run with the rest of the Eboard, I have the honor and pleasure to work with these four amazing individuals. I like to think (Marvel reference coming) my faith’s in people I guess. It is people like the new Eboard in which I believe have the experience and the drive to push for growth and change at the University. Entering my 4th year involved in Stu. Gov., I have seen the passion and inspiration needed to address issues facing the student body, and my goal is to help be a person to get these initiatives and ideas off the ground and recognized.

If you have questions, concerns, or think Senate could be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the Eboard.

Senate Vice-Chair


Brigitta Call

My name is Brigitta Call and I’m currently studying Political Science and Marketing, a result of my interests in social advocacy and comedic writing. I was born and raised in Los Angeles-Go Rams-California, a proud owner of my Hungarian roots, courtesy of my mom.

Within my college career, I’ve worked a ton in sales and retail, so if you want customer service stories, I’ve got you. My involvement here in Terrier central has been with intramural sports such as volleyball and flag football, HeForShe, and At-Large Senate.

People always ask me why I moved from sun-filled Flavor town to chilly bean town, and my answer to that is genuine individuality. To sum it up, BU attracts students so crazy-unique within their personalities and backgrounds, and I feel so lucky to get to experience this level of diverse exposure.

I strived to be Vice Chair because I want to see more aspects of the student body represented advocated for, outside of colleges.  BU is more than just an academically driven community. Our interests and passions expand outside of our majors, and I want to help recognize and support clubs, groups, and the creative community as a whole.

Although I fit the taco snob profile, I’ll still take you up on a Taco Bell run. Let’s talk about hip hop and the sun.