Senate Committees

The Committees of the Student Government shall advocate for issues that are relevant to specific areas of student life.


16,000 Strong

We are a Boston University student-run campaign created to foster a movement against sexual assault and violence. As 16,000 Strong, we strive to create a safer and united community in which it is clear that sexual harassment and assault will not be tolerated. To achieve our goal, we strive to increase student awareness about sexual assault prevention and work to hold Boston University and its policies to the same moral standard of protecting everyone from the threat of sexual assault.

MEntal Health

The Mental Health Committee acts as an umbrella organization to streamline student advocacy efforts and represent students at the university level. They work with all student groups dealing with mental health such as: Actively Moving Forward, Active Minds, the Mind and Brain Society, and the Student Health Ambassadors. We seek to serve as a community where like-minded, passionate student-leaders can come to encourage each other, support large scale initiative, and organize. 

Copy of Mental Health Committee (1).png


Feast Committee

The FEAST Standing Committee works on the broad goals of improving Food Equality, Accountability, Safety, and Transparency at Boston University. The Committee currently aims to accomplish four goals: Increase the accuracy of food labeling and food handling to ensure the safety of students, give students an avenue to hold dining services accountable, advocate for an increase in sustainable options and behaviors by both students and dining administration, and open lines of communication between students and dining staff for better student representation and increased transparency.

AdHoc Committees

Ad-hoc committees are created to address immediate Student Government needs. They are temporary committees with the intention to last only for one academic year.