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CAS ’24

Office Hours: Wed 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM



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Hi there! My name is Hanna Dworkin and I am a junior studying economics, political science, and philosophy here at BU. I am a student in The Kilachand Honors College, a CAS Dean's Host, and a Student Director for Pearson. My hobbies include making artwork, writing poetry, reading, and petting dogs across the city of Boston. (I firmly believe that Boston is home to the cutest dogs in the world.)


I grew up in Lemont, Illinois, a small town just outside of Chicago. Two years ago, coming to school 1,000 miles from home was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made. But once I took that leap of faith, my life changed. Here at BU, I've learned of the world, made life-long friendships, and most importantly, I've been challenged in ways I didn't know possible. In the face of the changes I see in myself, I am incredibly honored to be senate's chairwoman this year.


Boston University should be a place of evolution. Our campus should be a welcoming, inclusive environment, where students feel comfortable to succeed, yet encouraged to step out of their comfort zones. I believe that leadership is most effective when it is rooted in kindness. In uplifting each other, we uplift ourselves. Together, I want to make our campus a better place.


Please feel free to reach out to me ( or at any time. I'm always down to meet at Pavement for a bagel :)

CAS '25

Office Hours: Wed 8:00 PM - 9:00 AM

Hey guys! I'm Sandro, a Delaware native -- despite coming from the second smallest state, I come to Senate with MASSIVE excitement for serving the interests of BU students as Senate Vice Chair. When I am not studying Economics or International Relations, I enjoy listening to opera (Puccini is the best composer hands down), painting, and racing! Some fun facts about me are that I have driving maracas, I have never seen a Marvel or Starwars movie before, and I have a selfie with POTUS 46. In my non-stu gov life, I am a writer for the Pre-Law Review and I do research for Pardee specializing in Mexican 19th and 20th century international relations. Although Pardee is a lovely building that all BU students should visit, I would recommend people to check out the reflection pool near Huntington Ave (super cool place to take Boston pictures)! 

However, as Vice Chair I want to help develop a more inclusive and productive environment in Student Government Senate where students can feel comfortable bringing up issues to their senators. Furthermore, I want to develop a less intimidating space for new ideas to flourish and for collaboration to exist.

CFA '25

Hello Terriers! My name is Kelly Guo, I’m from Brooklyn, NYC, studying graphic design and business. Previously, I was a cabinet staffer under communications. Now, I am thrilled to be working as one of the two Senate Chief-of-staffs. By being more socially aware and involved, I hope to bring students from all aspects of BU together, and represent voices that haven’t been represented. I strive to contribute to making student government a more inclusive place and increase its reliability within the BU community.


Outside of student government, I am part of Kappa Alpha Theta, I dance for BU’s Dance Theatre Group, and I’m the social media coordinator for ECAASU (East Coast Asian American Student Union), a group that unites A/A students and organizations to advocate, educate, and empower.


Some fun facts: I worked at the MFA, Boston, during the last school year as museum ambassador and I did competitive bowling in high school. I would’ve continued my bowling journey at BU, but unfortunately there’s no student group here or even in the greater Boston area that does so. I hope to step out of my comfort zone even more at BU and gain valuable experience working in Senate leadership! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us!

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CAS '24

Hi! My name is Madison Lauricella and I’m a junior studying political science with a history minor. I am a former cgs student, a member of the HER house, and a writer for the pinky toe. My hobbies include crocheting, baking, and reading. My favorite places in Boston are the north end and the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. As a military child, I grew up in a few different states and ended up attending 5 high schools in 5 different states. I currently live right outside of Baltimore, MD.


As a senate chief of staff co-chair, I hope to help senate become a more inclusive and welcoming place for all of BU. Student government should not be intimidating and every student should feel welcomed, heard, and valued by them. I can’t wait to work with all of Senate and BU this year!

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