SEC Staffers Needed

Description: Boston University’s Student Election Commission is looking for staffers during the week of elections: March 31st-April 7th. Staffer’s responsibilities include publicizing the elections, and participating in events that promote voting. 
Time Commitments: 2 hours per week

Requirements: Refer to election rules on

To Apply: Those interested are encouraged to apply to

MS Walk Volunteer

Description: The Multiple Sclerosis Society and BU Student Government are looking for students to volunteer during the MS Walk on April 7th, 2019. There are many roles available:

  • Event Set-up

  • Walker Registration

  • Prizes and Food Service

  • Hydration Stations

  • First Aid

  • Route Marking

  • Cheering Crew

Time Commitment: depends in the volunteer shift chosen; can be from 6:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Requirements: First Aid station requires certification (CPR, EMT, etc.); otherwise, none!
How to Apply:

More Information:

FEAST Staffers

Description: Boston University's Senate is looking for people to staff the Food Equality Accountability and Safety for Transparency (FEAST) Act Ad Hoc Committee. FEAST aims to improve the quality of labeling in the dining hall and work to make BU dining more sustainable. Committee members will meet with dining officials and brainstorm strategies to accomplish the goals of the FEAST Act. 

Time Commitments

- 1-hour meeting every two weeks about sustainability in dining

- Variable amount of time meeting with other FEAST members 

- Max per week: 2 hours 



To Apply:

Those interested are encouraged to apply by sending an email to FEAST Act Recruitment chairs Aditya ( and Delaney ( expressing their interest.

Menstrual Products Initiative Committee Members

Description: Boston University Student Government has passed the Menstrual Products Initiative in which free tampons and pads will be supplied in 15 locations across campus. Proposal Heads Sen. Nehemiah Duress and Sen. Jessica Zheng are looking for committee members to help distribute and restock the products on a weekly basis. Committee members will be assigned to a location nearest them and will be required for regular maintenance of the products.

Time Commitment:

·      1 hour a week for product restocking and maintenance

·      Required to attend weekly, 1-hour committee meetings

·      Total time commitment should be 2 hours per week

Requirements: No experience or pre-requisites required, just commitment and dedication to the project. \

To apply: Please email if you are interested in being a committee member.


Department of Environmental Affairs Staffers

Description: The Department of Environmental Affairs is looking for staffers to serve in the department. Staffers work together and are overseen by the Director of Environmental Affairs. Staffers will help the department make BU a more sustainable university through ongoing initiatives, educational events, and policy changes. They will serve as some of the most influential voices in the university’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint. Staffers will work under the direction of the Director of Environmental Affairs to help the department fulfill its duties, including maintaining a close relationship with Sustainability @BU and all the environmental clubs on campus. Staffers’ duties will vary depending on their point of contact and the level of activity ongoing in student government. Staffers duties will include, but are not limited to: conducting field and online research, planning and attending environmental affairs events, creating surveys, and meeting with BU officials.

Time Commitment:

  • Varies from staffer to staffer depending on what they are assigned

  • Required to attend 1-hour meetings every other week

  • Max per week: 2 hours

Requirements: No experience necessary; however, interest in environmental science and/or public policy and/or public health is a plus.

To apply:  Please email if you are interested in a staffer position. Include your name, school/college, why you are interested in the position, and if possible, a resume.

Department of Academic Affairs Senior Writer

Description: The Department of Academic Affairs is looking for two staffers to serve in the department. Writers would handle the outreach, internal affairs, and communication/secretarial aspects of the Department. One staffer will also be given the opportunity to lead the Academic AMA Program in the department. The Academic AMA program is an event that Academic Affairs has initiated this year, in which BU alumni and professionals are invited to sit on a panel and answer questions from BU students about their careers and experiences.

Staffers will work under the direction of Aditya Jain, Director of the Department of Academic Affairs. Individuals with strong backgrounds in writing, technical communication, and agenda planning will be preferred. Staffer duties would include: writing emails, messages, and proclamations, to BU alumni and Administration on behalf of the department, scheduling and planning, communicating with branches of Student Government and BU facilities to organize the Academic AMA Seminars, and other opportunities based on interest

Time Commitment:

  • Can vary on a week to week basis based on Department tasks

  • Required to attend weekly, 1-hour meetings

  • Total of around 2 hours of time commitment per week

Requirements: No experience necessary, however, a professional writing and/or communications background is preferred

To Apply: Please email if you are interested in a staffer position. Include your name, school/college, why you are interested in the position, and if possible, a resume.

Class of 2022 Commissioner

Description: The Executive Advisory Commission (EAC) is comprised of four Boston University students of different classes, i.e., a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. Responsibilities include learning and documenting the history and proceedings of the past and present Student Governments. Commissioners can expect to gain experience in writing reports to student organizations and leadership experience as a student.

Time Commitment: Applicants should be committed to service throughout their entire tenure as a student at BU.

Requirements: No Experience Necessary

To Apply: Those interested are encouraged to apply by sending an email to EAC Recruitment Committee members Bryce ( and Maryann ( expressing their interest.

Seeking 3 Photographers

Description: The Department of Events is seeking outgoing photographers to join their team. Duties will include capturing photos at various Student Government events, taking scenic pictures photos across campus and the greater Boston area, as well as general photography inquires.

Time commitment: Low-Medium. Duties will be split among all Student Government Photographers.

Requirements: No experience necessary.

To apply: Please send email of interest to Suzie O’Micheal (