Department of Academic Affairs Senior Writer

Description: The Department of Academic Affairs is looking for two staffers to serve in the department. Writers would handle the outreach, internal affairs, and communication/secretarial aspects of the Department. One staffer will also be given the opportunity to lead the Academic AMA Program in the department. The Academic AMA program is an event that Academic Affairs has initiated this year, in which BU alumni and professionals are invited to sit on a panel and answer questions from BU students about their careers and experiences.

Staffers will work under the direction of Aditya Jain, Director of the Department of Academic Affairs. Individuals with strong backgrounds in writing, technical communication, and agenda planning will be preferred. Staffer duties would include: writing emails, messages, and proclamations, to BU alumni and Administration on behalf of the department, scheduling and planning, communicating with branches of Student Government and BU facilities to organize the Academic AMA Seminars, and other opportunities based on interest

Time Commitment:

  • Can vary on a week to week basis based on Department tasks

  • Required to attend weekly, 1-hour meetings

  • Total of around 2 hours of time commitment per week

Requirements: No experience necessary, however, a professional writing and/or communications background is preferred

To Apply: Please email if you are interested in a staffer position. Include your name, school/college, why you are interested in the position, and if possible, a resume.