The Boston University Student Government Justices have the authority to interpret and enforce the Constitution. They maintain lasting records of binding constitutional developments for use by future officers and must remain impartial at all times. The Justices attend every Senate meeting in order to provide advice to the Executive Board and the Senate on all proposed constitutional amendments, by-laws, and resolutions. The Judicial Commission establishes a neutral oversight over the Student Election Commission to ensure a fair and legitimate election.



CAS '21

Hi everyone! My name is Andrea Gomez and I’m the Chief Justice for Student Government. I was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela, but I moved to the United States in 2014. I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Economics and Philosophy. Besides school and Student Government, I am part of the BU International Affairs Association and I work as an Research Assistant at the School of Social Work.

I started to develop an interest in law in middle school and it has continued to grow consistently. I was a volunteer attorney for my local government’s Teen Court Program, which tries real juvenile, first-time misdemeanor cases. I have also interned for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, where I have had the opportunity to work for prosecutors in adult felony divisions. I have been able to assist in court proceedings, review evidence for current cases, observe depositions and pre-trial conferences, as well as communicate with witnesses, victims, and police officers.

I joined the Judicial Branch of Student Government because I believe it plays a vital role in promoting fairness, both in elections and year-round. I have had an amazing experience working with such a dedicated group of people and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish this year.

CAS ‘21

Hello, my name is Christian Vanleer, and I am one of the Justices for the Student Government! I was born in Indiana, but I call Atlanta my home. I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Economics and minoring in Political Science.

I am also a part of BU’s mock trial program, which I’ve been doing since freshman year. I joined the Judicial branch of student government, because I enjoy hearing different perspectives and listening to people think of things that I had no idea about. Sitting in this role has been extremely beneficial in that I’ve met a lot of people who have forced me to learn to take a step back and look at problems in ways I’d never imagine.

Whether it be about social activism on campus or study space availability, student government has shown me a great deal about the different passions that people have on Boston University’s campus.



QST '21

Hi all! My name is Bridget Bishop and I am a Justice in the Judicial Branch of Student Government. I am from Rockford, Illinois, a city right outside the Chicago Suburbs and a few minutes from the Wisconsin border. Ask me to say “Wisconsin” or “Chicago” and you will hear my “midwest” accent loud and proud! I am a senior in the Questrom School of Business concentrating in Law and minoring in Public Health.

Along with student government, I compete in shot put and hammer on BU’s track and field team and am an e-board member for our Student Athlete Advisory Council. Being a part of Student Government has been an amazing way for me to engage with my peers on campus. I always enjoy hearing unique viewpoints and meeting people who are passionate about community involvement. Being a Justice has allowed me to constantly consider different viewpoints and agree (or disagree) with very thought-provoking ideas. I have loved being a member of Student Government and I am excited to see all the incredible things we can accomplish as a student body during my final year on campus!


My name is Alex Durand, and I am an Associate Justice in the Judicial Branch of the Student Government. I am from Danvers, Massachusetts, just north of Boston and am a senior in Pardee, majoring in International Relations on the diplomacy and security track. I have been involved in BURPG, BUIAA, and other clubs on campus.

When I first came to BU I was a Mechanical Engineer, with an aerospace concentration, and convinced I was gonna be doing that for the rest of my life. It lasted a couple months. Since then I have worked for Senator Markey’s office, and on a campaign for my district’s representative, and have found my passions in international relations (for now).

I first got involved in Student Government last year as Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice President, and have since enjoyed the experience, especially that in the judicial branch. I am excited to work with judicial, and the rest of student government this year, to serve the students of the BU community in my last year on campus.

CAS ‘22

Hello! My name is Daniel Daponte and I'm excited to be an Associate Justice and a Co-Chair for SEC this year! I'm a Junior studying Environmental Analysis and Policy with a minor in Urban Studies. I'm interested in city planning and history. I'm a Thomas Menino Fellow at the BU Initiative on Cities and I also work at the CAS Writing Center. I enjoy biking, cooking, and rock climbing when I can find the time. I love exploring Boston, my favorite place in the city is Kevin Fitzgerald Park in Mission Hill.