The Boston University Student Government Justices have the authority to interpret and enforce the Constitution. They maintain lasting records of binding constitutional developments for use by future officers and must remain impartial at all times. The Justices attend every Senate meeting in order to provide advice to the Executive Board and the Senate on all proposed constitutional amendments, by-laws, and resolutions. The Judicial Commission establishes a neutral oversight over the Student Election Commission to ensure a fair and legitimate election.

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Office Hours: Thurs 11:00 AM -12:00 PM

Hello! My name is Daniel Daponte and I'm so excited to be Chief Justice this year! I'm a Senior in the College of Arts & Science studying Environmental Analysis and Policy with a minor in Urban Studies. I'm interested in city planning, and that interest comes from growing up in Brooklyn, New York. This year, as leader of the Judicial Branch, I'm excited to work with my fellow Branch Leaders to make Student Government more impactful on campus and deliver engaging elections. Besides Student Government, you can find me working at the CAS Writing Center and at Mugar Library. I was also the National League of Cities Thomas M. Menino Fellow. In my spare time, I enjoy biking, cooking, and rock climbing. I love exploring Boston! My favorite place in the city is Kevin Fitzgerald Park in Mission Hill, which you should definitely check out!

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My name is Declan Donahue, and I am a sophomore in CAS studying Political Science and Psychology-Philosophy planning to go to Law School after graduation. Prior to being an Associate Justice, I was a staffer for both BUnited and the Senate Rules Committee. I just finished my internship with the Baker-Polito administration, and hope to continue my political involvement in both Boston and DC. I grew up in a rural town on the MA/NH border, and spend most weekends back home to stay engaged with the children of my community. I want to go into politics to represent the often unheard people in towns like mine, and give a voice to the hardworking families of small town America. As the first person in my family to pursue a 4-year degree, all I want is to make my family's lifelong investment in me worth everything they've put into making the man I am today. In my free time, I like to trade stocks, watch football with my friends, explore Boston, and spend time with my lovely girlfriend.

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Hi I am a senior from Dallas, TX. I have been studying under the Pardee Global School with a Major in International Relations and a Minor in Spanish. I love finding new coffee spots around Boston and hanging out with my littles from Alianza Latina. I currently work as an activities consultant in SAO. I hope within my position I increase the DEI policies that student government is taking a part of. Fun fact: I will cook you food if you are nice to me.

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Hey everyone! My name is Ilana Keusch and I am thrilled to serve as an Associate Justice this year. I am from Miami, FL and I am a Sophomore in KHC and CAS studying Political Science. Primarily, I am interested in judicial processes (which is fitting for my position) and the interaction of politics and media. My first involvement in Student Government was also in Judicial — I served on the SEC as a Commissioner and helped to navigate the COVID election cycle. This past summer I worked with the Coalition for Social Justice as a student intern focusing on the implementation of Paid Family and Medical Leave in MA. Also, I wrote for the Features section of the Daily Free Press last year. My goal for this coming year is to really take in every amazing thing that BU has to offer and dive into other student organizations and opportunities. Given how rocky my first year at BU was (yes, my freshman year was LfA), I am so lucky to have found an amazing group of people in Judicial. I look forward to working with them and the rest of Student Government this coming year.




Ethan (he/him, they/them) is a senior hailing from Winchester, Massachusetts, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences. Besides for serving as an Associate Justice, he is the former Director of Academic Affairs for Stu Gov, and serves now as the President of the International Affairs Association and the Director-General for BU’s Collegiate Competitive Model UN Conference (BarMUN) as well serving as the Secretary for miXx, BU’s KPop Dance Cover Team. Ethan wishes to be a woke renaissance man and thus feels that a future in law or politics would be right for him (“I just want to make an impact but I need that solid holistic education first” kinda vibes). As he is willfully addicted to coffee, you can find Ethan running around between labs on campus, exploring and camping in Boston’s assortment of fine coffee shops, or being emotionally drained by musical artists that aren’t even aware of his existence (“you can direct all kpop idols and people like Conan Gray in my direction”). After spending the last summer researching Alzheimer’s Disease over at MGH, he’s excited to make a new impact on the Student Body by serving in his new role in the Judicial Branch. He hopes to meet everyone soon in-person, preferably over coffee.