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Senate is the representative branch of BU Student Government and is overseen by the Office of the Senate Chair. Senate is comprised of 45 senators. 8 of these senators are from At-Large Parties, which run on special interest platforms. The remaining 37 seats are allocated proportionate to the student populations of BU's colleges. Senators’ duties to their constituents involve bringing forward issues and advocacy topics their constituents have a vested interest in, proposing initiatives and plans to address their constituents’ concerns, and participating in weekly discussion on topics discussed in Senate meetings. Overall, Senators should strive to be leaders and forces for change within their college or college or university-wide.


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Alexia Nastasia (​)
I am Alexia Nastasia, a double major in International Relations and Anthropology and a participant in the Kilachand Honors College at Boston University. I am from a family of new immigrants from Romania in Eastern Europe to the United States currently residing in Saint Louis, Missouri. During the 2022-23 school year, I was a participant in the U.S. Department of State’s Kennedy-Lugar YES Abroad Program which enabled me to live and study in Senegal in Western Africa. During high school, I served as a youth leader for the Saint Louis County Youth Advisory Council, the Federal Emergency Management Agency Youth Preparedness Council, and the Girls Learn International Student Advisory Board. At Boston University which is my new academic home, I am seeking similar levels of involvement, and I am delighted to serve as a first-year representative for the College of Arts and Sciences in the Student Senate. 

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Braedon Blumfield (
What's up guys, my name is Braedon and I'm a sophomore studying pollical science and economics hailing from beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I'm honored, excited, and totally stoked to represent CAS this year in the student senate! As a senator I hope to bring awareness to issues facing the student body and advocate for impactful solutions through collective action. In particular, I want to work towards increasing mental heath resources on campus in conjunction with student leaders and SHS so students can get the help they need and deserve. I also wish to increase awareness of mold and hygiene concerns within the dorms to put pressure on administration to ensure the health of the student population. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns or just anything at all!

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Jazz Grindle (​)
Hello, my name is Jazzalin, but everyone calls me Jazz, and I am originally from Marshfield, MA. I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Political Science and minoring in Deaf Studies. This is my fourth year in Student Government, with my start being as a member of the Mental Health Committee. I am so honored to get the chance to help represent the class of 2024 in CAS as a senator, and continue my work on Mental Health advocacy and ending the stigma. 


Ada Okoluku (
Hi! I’m a sophomore majoring in neuroscience, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. With this position, I get to make tangible changes, gain new perspectives, and get involved. It's crucial to dedicate time to increasing access to mental health support, promoting safe spaces, implementing sustainability initiatives, and much more. With your help, we can accomplish our goals. It’s an honor to have this opportunity to represent you all and create a better BU.

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Williana Serve (
Greetings everyone! I'm Williana Serve, currently a freshman majoring in Political Science within the College of Arts and Sciences at BU. I'm also enrolled in the Kilachand Honors College. Besides my academic pursuits, I'm an active member of the Expect More Committee and proudly serve as an editor for the Pre-Law review. On a more personal note, I have a penchant for Pink and Purple, my favorite colors. Outside of my engagements in Student Government and my coursework, you can often find me engrossed in books, scrolling through TikTok, or deeply immersed in creating and publishing policy briefs addressing current economic events. I'm enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing meaningful projects and initiatives to the broader BU community. My focus revolves around fostering awareness, inclusivity, and support for various causes. I'm eager to bring that commitment to life during my time here.


Chidong Zhou (
I am Chidong Zhou, currently in my junior year at Boston University, majoring in Economics and Mathematics. I love snowboarding and diving. I'm all ears for any ideas, concerns, or even just a chat about life at BU. Let's work together to make our time here not just memorable, but truly impactful. Reach out anytime – I'm here for you!

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Jessica Sullivan (
Hello! My name is Jessica Sullivan and I am a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in Deaf studies from Lowell, MA! This is my fourth year in student government and I am looking forward to what this year will bring. Outside of StuGov, I am a research assistant at the Medical Campus and the Vision and Cognition Lab. My goals for the year are to increase equity and visibility for low-income and first-generation college students throughout student government and the university as a whole. Through my work with the Mental Health Committee, I am also committed to increasing the transparency and accessibility of existing mental health resources on campus, as well as working towards the establishment of new resources to better suit the needs of the student body.

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Sojung Bok (​)
Hi! My name is Sojung Bok, and I'm a freshman in CAS majoring in neuroscience and on the pre-health track. I was originally born in South Korea, but I am currently living in Denver, Colorado. My hobbies include reading, listening to music, drawing, and playing the clarinet. One of my goals for Senate this year is to increase the amount of student voices that are heard by increasing communication between the student body and members of the Senate. I hope to use my prior experiences in student advocacy to ensure that Senate is always working in the best interests of the larger student body. I'm very excited to be a member of Senate this year!

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Olivia Perry (
As a current junior, my goal is primarily to help the student body by promoting their interests within the BU community. I hope to accomplish this by providing incoming freshmen with a strong first year experience so that they can better adjust to college life. Furthermore, I plan on advancing current initiatives targeting dining and student well-being. By advocating for these initiatives on campus, I believe that BU student life will be significantly improved.


Alina Keshodkar  (
My name is Alina Keshodkar, and I'm a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. I'm double-majoring in political science and economics, and I'm also in the Kilachand Honors College. I'm from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but I've lived in Florida and Dubai as well. 
Outside of being a senator for CAS, I'm involved in the BU International Affairs Association as a member of the Model UN Team and Students for the UN, I volunteer with Strong Women Strong Girls, and I'm a Residence Sustainability Leader (RSL) in Warren Towers. In my free time, I love to walk around and explore Boston with friends, try new foods, and read.  
My goals for Senate this year include collaborating with senators from other colleges to work towards fostering a sense of community at BU and contributing to an environment where people feel safe and supported to speak freely. I'm excited to be involved in Senate and hope to help our BU community grow!


Jad Marrouche (
My name is Jad Marrouche and am a Junior studying Biology and Human Physiology. While my academic path at BU may be different than Student Government, my interest in being part of it comes from a passion I have to serve my community. As a senator last year, I aspire to continue to represent my peers in STEM as well as CAS as a whole. Last year, I was part of an initiative that created the Hub Feedback Report, and I plan to continue to work with the Hub Office this semester to create beneficial change in the program for the years to come.


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Sofia Gonzalez-Irigoyen  (
Hello! My name is Sofia, but I am also known as Chof among friends. I am currently a sophomore transfer student from Miami, FL, majoring in Film and Television production and minoring in Journalism (I will be attempting to double major if there is enough time). This year, I am excited to bring the unique skills and perspectives I have as a Latinx student, gained through my experience as a senator at my previous institution, to BU. As a representative of the School of Communications, I also hope to advocate for the opinions of my constituents when voting on bills and collaborating on student government initiatives. I am also a member of several clubs on campus, including Mexas, Latam, Alianza Latina, and a writer at Good Morning BU. I am also looking forward to rushing later this school year. When I'm not working or studying, I enjoy making music, creating art, reading, and going out with my friends. A fun fact about me is that I am originally from Mexico City, Mexico, and I will be becoming a US citizen in early 2024.

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Ella Nigro (
Hi everyone! My name is Ella Nigro and I am from Freeport, Maine! I am a sophomore in the dual-degree program for Political Science and Journalism and am also minoring in French. I am a part of the Boston University Cheerleading Team, BU Student Democrats Association, Women in Law, BU Pre-Law Society, and the Daily Free Press. I served on COM's individual student government last school year and am really excited to take on the role of one of the COM senators. I look forward to bringing my drive and initiative to better the student experience here at Boston University! I am extremely interested in nonprofit work for lgbtqia+ awareness, sexual assault awareness, as well as human rights initiatives and am excited to bring that knowledge and experience into Senate!



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Raaeya Desai (
Hi Everyone! My name is Raaeya Desai and i am an international student from India. I am honored to serve as Senator representing the College of Communications at BU. This year, I want to bring about changes and address concerns of fellow COM students and like minded individuals on campus. I aim to hear and be heard at student government and also aspire to shed light on issues that need dire attention and collaborate with the rest of our amazing student government to bring about a fulfilling community!

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Lorenzo Mendiola  (
Hello, my name is Lorenzo Mendiola, and I’m a 3rd year majoring in advertising and minoring in innovation and entrepreneurship. As one of the COM College Senators, I plan on creating goals that center on diversifying the industry and utilizing technology to stay on top of the evolving field of communications. I’m dedicated to working with our student population to create meaningful initiatives to support them for their time here at COM and for their futures in the media world. I’m extremely excited to work with the student government and the other senators to make sure that our college is supported and heard throughout our constitution.


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Victoria Sonn (
I am Victoria Sonn, a Finance concentrate from San Diego, California. I have a passion for politics, debating, and movies. Additionally, I am on the pre-law track. My primary goal as a senator is to facilitate open communication between students, faculty, and administration, ensuring student voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes impacting our business school community. Furthermore, I aspire to collaborate with my fellow senators to implement initiatives that enhance the overall student experience, promote diversity and inclusion, and contribute to continuously improving our business school's educational offerings and resources. As a student college senator for the business school, I will advocate for our fellow students' academic and extracurricular needs, striving to create an inclusive and empowering environment that fosters their personal and professional growth.

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Nathaniel Wilcox (
Hi! My name is Nathaniel Wilcox, but I go by Nate. I'm focusing in Marketing, and potentially business analytics or entrepreneurship, with a minor in advertising. I'm from Los Angeles, CA, but I recently moved to Wilmington, North Carolina on the beach. I love playing volleyball and soccer, as well as training with calisthenics. I plan on going into the music business as a manager or founding a business in that industry. My goals for Senate are to advocate for my fellow students and their best interest, and raise more funding for clubs that are valuable to BU's community.

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Asher Sudit (
My name is Asher Sudit and I am currently a Junior at Questrom School of Business. My biggest priority is making sure that the Questrom Student Body is properly represented within the Student Government. To achieve this, I hope to garner insight of Questrom students through the general Questrom Gov meetings, surveys, or other media forms that best capture the sentiment of Questrom students. I also hope to have a proxy at, at most, 2 Student Government meetings, though my real goal is to attend all meetings.

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Julia Borri (
My name is Julia Borri, and I am currently a Junior at Questrom School of Business concentrating on Finance. I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but I decided to attend high school in Orlando, FL, and I've been living in the United States ever since. After graduation, I aspire to work in the entertainment industry. Some of my interests consist of literature, movies, geopolitics and investing. With an international background, I recognize the immense value of inclusion and diversity, a passion I intend to channel at the Senate. I also intend to foster an environment in which the student body feels comfortable and welcomed to voice their opinions and requests to fulfill their needs, making their college experience as good as possible. 



Marissa Alfieri (
I am Marissa Alfieri and I am excited to be a Senator for Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. I am majoring in Psychology and Education & Human Development with a minor is Statistics. My goal for the Boston University Senate is to foster a more inclusive and vibrant campus environment. I am committed to advocating for policies that prioritize student well-being, academic excellence, and diversity and inclusion. I bring a passion for positive change and a strong commitment to representing the interests of our diverse and dynamic community. 


Shayna Dash (
My name is Shayna Dash, I am from South Florida, and a Sophomore studying Deaf Studies. I am a second-year senator and this year I am the lead senator for Wheelock College. I am involved in many different clubs and organizations on our campus and I am excited to be a representative of those clubs as well as my college. I am the programming chair for FineCo and can’t wait to be involved with the committee again this year. Last year, I was able to get the IHRA definition of antisemitism endorsed by our student government which led to continuous talks with our administration to update their Title VI policy. I hope to continue to build on the relations I hold with the administration to advocate for any group that feels underrepresented. I am excited for this upcoming year and look forward to working with our student government and student body to make the school better. 


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Vijay Fisch_edited.jpg

Rheona Mehta (
Hi! I am a Boston native and current sophomore majoring in Data Science and  minoring in Economics. I have so much love for BU and the lovely people I encounter every day. As a freshman in CDS, I remember feeling lost and scared, and as a senator, I look forward to hearing student voices and advocating for my peers. 

Vijay Fisch (
I am Vijay Fisch, a second-year student from Brookline, Mass. I am passionate about the public policy, health, and urban planning challenges facing my community at BU and in Greater Boston. I am excited to work on initiatives around sexual and mental health; I serve as a Student Health Ambassador and would like to take my health advocacy to the senate, where I will promote funding towards health oriented initiatives and student organizations on campus! I am also very interested in finance reform, and am excited to get to work on the Finance Committee. 



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Sanmay Yadav (​)
I am a Senator for engineering. My goals for the Senate are:Advocating for engineering student needs; Improving academic support and resources; Promoting sustainability in the department; Enhancing professional development opportunities; and Ensuring safety, diversity, and collaboration.


Nadine (Nahyun) Lim (
Hi, my name is Nadine and I am a freshman studying biomedical engineering at BU! I was born and raised in South Korea for my past 18 years of life and I am excited to make new friends and gain insight on collaborating with students from diverse nations. I also would like to use my skills that I gained while I was serving my high school student council as a treasurer and vice president, managing over $10k every year.

Thinh Nguyen (​)
Hi! I'm a Junior studying computer engineering. As both an international and an engineering student, my goal is to reflect and represent both of these backgrounds as a Senator. My main focus is on academic issues and advocating for the involvement of more international students in StuGov and the Senate in particular.


Shikhar Singh (
Hi! My name is Shikhar Singh and I am from Belmont, Massachusetts. I am a freshman at Boston University pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering on the pre-med track. This is my first year in student government and I hope to achieve a lot as a new member of the senate. I am most interested in bills pertaining to the environment, sustainability and clean energy. As the year continues I'm sure my goals and endeavors will also change, but as of now I hope to learn as much as I can from my peers in senate to gain a greater understanding of how student government functions so that I can justly represent the student population.


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Siqiong Wu (lucy2003@bu. edu)
Hi everyone! My name is Siqiong (Lucy) Wu from Guangzhou, China. I am a sophomore at CGS, planning to study finance and information systems. This year, I plan to work with the finance committee to better allocate the community service fees. I am also very passionate about sustainability and supporting local businesses. My goal is to have more food items or products from companies that implement ESG and fair trade practices in out City convenience locations, which perfectly aligns with BU's initiatives and projects on sustainability. Outside of school, I enjoy playing tennis, sound editing, and baking. This year, I've been trying to get into ice skating. A fun fact about me is that I am secretly terrified of cats. 


Cole Nemes (
I'm Cole and I am a Senator for the College of General Studies. I am majoring in Political Science and plan to go on a Pre-Law track as well. One of my most important goals for Senate is to adhere to what the students of CGS need or want the most. They are the most important people to please, and they will unconditionally be represented by me and my two other colleagues. In addition, I plan to get involved more with not only the BU community, but the greater community of Boston. Also, ensuring the student body feels comfortable and constantly open to opportunities are two tasks that I take as paramount. Altogether, I'm thrilled to serve in the Senate, not only to make relationships and serve students, but to improve BU as a whole.


Abraham Budson-McQuilken (
I believe that Boston University is a great institution, and it is my aim to do what I can in my own small way  while I am here to fortify and strengthen this institution. I come from Wellesley Massachusetts, and am very excited to serve in the Senate where I hope to work with my fellow senators to improve the campus, the community, and the student experience here. I hope to bring earnest values, hard work, and dedication to the role, where I shall attempt to do what I can to further the excellence of the institution. 


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Mayu Miyata (
Hello everyone! My name is Mayu Miyata and I am from Kyoto Japan. I am a senior majoring in hospitality administration with a concentration in marketing! Outside Student Government, I work as a vice president at Boston University HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association). My goals for Senate this year is to see more collaborations within majors such as SHA✖️CFA.  

Nicole Nessralla  ( )
My name is Nicole Nessralla and I am a senior majoring in Hospitality Administration with a concentration in Real Estate Development & Finance and a minor in Business Administration. I am Class Senator for the School of Hospitality 2023-2024 school Year. My goal as Senator is to provide a voice for the students of SHA and bring upon issues or concerns to Senate. Additionally, I am eager to provide new creative initiatives to provide a better experience within Boston University for students. I look forward to working with Senate and to an exciting year ahead!  



Hannah Hess (
Hannah Hess is a sophomore at BU majoring in music and event management. Hannah has held many leadership positions throughout the past, including but not limited to the President of Teen Edge Musical Theatre Company, the Marketing and Directives Assistant at M.I.B., and Director of Marketing for Edge Musical Theatre. Hannah looks forward to this year not only because of the opportunity she has to improve life at CFA, but also for the learning opportunities this experience will undoubtedly bring. Hannah hopes to encourage better mental health awareness initiatives at the College of Fine Arts and make the building a brighter place. 


Heejee Lee (
Hi everyone, my name is Heejee Lee and I study piano performance, sociology, and business at BU! This year I will be serving as the CFA Lead Senator. Outside of Senate, I work at the Student Philanthropy Center, at the Office of Wellbeing as the Student Ambassador for the Food@BU initiative, and at the College of Fine Arts as a teaching assistant! My hobbies include running and photography. Last year, when I joined Senate, I was able to be a part of different initiatives and movements to make visible changes on campus. This year, I strive to create a worthwhile BU experience for our community.  


Sydney Butler_edited.jpg

Sydney Butler (
I am a senior majoring in Health Science with a minor in Psychology. Outside of Senate, I am a Dean's Host for Sargent, work at the Boston University Children's Center, and play the violin. This year in Senate, I want to join the Finance Committee and represent Sargent when determining the CSF distribution. I also want to help with creating a more inclusive campus that equally represents the whole student body.

benheadshot - Benjamin Lee_edited.jpg

Benjamin Lee  (
Hi, my name is Benjamin Lee and I am a junior double majoring in Human Physiology and Biology! I'm from Champaign, IL and have lived there my whole life surrounded by corn fields and the local university: UIUC. As a senator I am mainly focused on exploring how exactly I can make a difference in addition to my current interests. As of now, I am mainly interested in tackling the issue of sexual assault on campus and improving overall awareness and mental health in relation to this. 



Tia Perkins (
My name is Tia Perkins (they/them) and I'm currently a junior double majoring in Sociology and Power, Community, and Queer Futures at Boston University. I also work as a health educator at the Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth (BAGLY). My interests focus around LGBTQ+ rights, content creator, mental and sexual health education, and identity research. I am excited to represent the Intersection of Marginalized Peoples & Community Task-Force (I.M.P.A.C.T) in the BU Senate this year. I hope to continue making change within the initiatives under IMPACT, as well as connect with other committee projects to inspire more diverse and holistic change within the BU community. I'm excited to have the opportunity to represent the voices of other BU students of all identities and bring student ideas to the Senate.

Cindy Frempong_edited.jpg
stugov headshots (42 of 160)_edited.jpg

Cindy Frempong (
I hope that senate can become representative of the student body and address the concerns of the student body in a transparent and communicative way.  I also hope to learn more about other student initiatives  and support where I can. I view my role as a great opportunity to illicit the changes my peers and I want to see on campus, furthermore  so that incoming students.

Sophia Sorcigli, ( )
This year, I hope for 16k to serve as a  bridge between the BU community and admin, as well as a space to support victims and survivors of SA as well as take action to do as much as possible to prevent SA on campus and beyond. 
Taking what was successful from prior leaders and seeing where we can grow as a committee will serve to guide our mission. From events such as FRIES, supporting the Survior Vigil, holding a Self Defense class, working with IMPACTS SHARP and working together with other leaders of student orgs and committees, we will only grow stronger. 


The BUnited Mission Statement: With the slogan “150+ countries, 1 BU”, the BUnited Party seeks to represent the interest of all 10000 international scholars and friends of the BU community. We are committed to helping international students have the best possible experience at BU by making them feel at home with intercultural events and providing resources to help them succeed.

BUnited has two Senators and one Party Leader. Their Party Leader (Nhan) does not serve as Senator.


Nhan Ton (
Greetings to my fellow Terriers! My name is Nhan Ton, and I'm a junior in CAS majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business Administration. I was born and grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A fun fact about me is that my life so far has been associated with the color red: there’s red in the Vietnamese flag, BU flag, Arsenal flag, and my high school military unit guidon. One of my goals for the Senate this year is to work alongside my party members, Harry and Masa, to bring more resources to the international student community, especially in terms of career resources and student programming. I am excited for the Senate this year, and can’t wait to see the impact that our senators will be able to bring to our community.


Harry Chu (
I'm currently a sophomore in the 6 year physical therapy program at BU focusing on international students. My goals for senate is to work on D&I initiatives, acquiring better mental health and educational resources for international students. I'm hoping to work alongside different international clubs to help better educate international students and address various challenges. Also bridging the gap between domestic and international students to promote better understanding of diversity around campus. 


Masa Khairi  (
Hi! I am Masa a junior studying Biochem and molecular biology at BU. I am from Jordan, where camels exist in bulk, but I am born right here in Massachusetts! I speak arabic alongside English and enjoy playing volleyball and eating arabic food,  especially falafel and hummus. 


The Community Action Party Mission Statement: The Community Action Party is a party dedicated to connecting the BU student body with surrounding communities. The party aims to help student organizations that prioritize community and civic engagement.  

CAP has one Senator, who also serves as their Party Leader. 


Madison Larsen-Molina (
My name is Maddison Larsen-Molina and I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Neuroscience and Classical Civilizations. I am the current Party Leader and Senator of the Community Action Party. My party aims to bridge a connection between BU students and the issues central to the Boston community as a whole. In addition to this, my party can be viewed as a resource for community engagement organizations on campus. My primary goal for the 2023-2024 year is to promote Student Government as an accessible tool for the student body and uplift the voices of student organizations. 


The Terriers United Mission Statement: Terriers United is committed to being an independent voice that promotes social, economic, and racial justice on campus. We aim to create policy and provide resources that will not just directly benefit you now, but shape Boston University for the better. Our party brings a diverse set of perspectives to the table, one that reflects and champions students' voices – not just the ones already within Student Government. We are always here to listen to any of your questions, comments or concerns; feel free to reach out to our party leader Jacob Aznavoorian at!

Terriers United has two Senators, one of whom (Jacob) also serves as their Party Leader. 


Jacob Aznavoorian  (
Hi! My name is Jacob Aznavoorian, and I am the Party Leader for the Terriers United Party and one of its two Senators this year. I am a junior studying Political Science, Public Policy Analysis, and Special Education on the pre-law track. This is my third year in Student Government at BU, and my party and I aim to address social, economic, and racial justice on campus. We plan to advocate for policies that foster and welcome diversity on our campus, maintaining the vitality of our university community. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I bring the hardworking spirit of a "Brooklynite" to everything I do, including Student Government. I promise to be an independent, uplifting voice for all students, working towards making BU a better place than I found it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, and I thank you for entrusting me to represent you in Student Government!


Mason Yates  (
Hi everyone, my name is Mason! I am from CT and am currently a junior in Questrom representing the Terriers United party. Although I have been involved in StuGov since my freshmen year, this will be my first year as a senator and I could not be more excited to represent all of you! I believe that all voices across our undergraduate student population deserve to be heard and advocated for which is precisely why I decided to run on an at-large platform. It is my sincere hope that our party can push for enhanced equality and accessibility across campus in order to create a better BU experience. Bringing awareness to nuanced issues that are often overlooked is at the forefront of our party's goals over the course of the academic year and I hope you'll join us in advancing such changes.  Feel free to reach out to me at any time throughout the year!!

The IMPACT Mission Statement: Diversity is an Observable Fact. We believe in fighting for a campus where individuality is championed and encouraged. Accepting terriers for who they are is the key to creating a safe and welcoming environment. Equity is a Result. All Terriers and Student Orgs must have the necessary institutional resources, support, and access. No more excuses. It is now time to Demand Results. Inclusion is a behavior. We strive to bring a culture of creative and bold action. We prioritize engagement because the more terriers get involved, the more IMPACT we can make.

IMPACT has three Senators and one Party Leader. Their Party Leader does not serve as Senator.

Taylor Bolan (

Hello! My name is Taylor Bolan, I am from NYC, and I am currently a sophomore in CAS studying psychology. My journey began at a performing and visual arts high school in Harlem, Manhattan, where I learned that art can be one of two things: a distraction or a call for action. Though both are of equal importance, I, specializing in theater, dedicated much of my artistic energy to the ladder, advocating for social justice initiatives. This experience taught me the power of using my voice to champion the needs of marginalized communities, a skill I carried beyond the stage, and both the traditional and creative avenues in which positive change can be pursued. As a first generation American of Jamaican descent who is now a member of the Terriers United team, I am dedicated to leveraging my diverse experiences to address the unmet needs of our student body, advocating for a more equitable and inclusive campus!

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