The Boston University Student Government

The Boston University Student Government (commonly known as “StuGov”) has a history dating back to the 1930s. Originally known as the Student Union, Student Government has been founded and reformed multiple times throughout the 20th century. Its current incarnation traces its origins to late 1980s.

Student Government has acted as the premier organization representing students’ interests with the Boston University administration. Notable accomplishments of Student Government can be seen across campus. Initiatives such as refillable water bottle fountains, the Boston University Shuttle, and the official Student Government office have all came from Student Governments advocacy. Today, Boston University’s Student Government consists of the Executive Board, the Cabinet, the Senate, the Senate Committees, the Executive Advisory Committee, and the Student Election Commission.

The Executive Branch manages the programs, processes, and services authorized by the Senate, Constitution, and bylaws of the Student Government and the Student Administrative Bodies. The Executive Branch Consists of the Student Government Executive Board and the Cabinet.

The Legislative Branch is the representative body of Boston University students that both governs and carries out the legislative process and is the only body to act as the direct student voice. The Legislative Branch consists of the Senate Chair, the Senate Vice-Chair, the College Senators, and the Senate Standing Committees.

The Judicial Branch consists of the Judicial Commission, and the Student Elections Commission (SEC). The Judicial Commission arbitrates appeals, implementation of all constitutional amendments, assessing the constitutional values of legislation, providing counsel when asked, administering, decorum in the Senate, and overseeing a fair election. The SEC authorizes the Election Commission to conduct elections properly.

The Executive Advisory Commission (EAC) manages and keeps record of all Boston University’s Student Government archives. They are an independent body within Student Government that work closely with the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch

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