Department of Academic Affairs

The Department of Academic Affairs aims to improve the academic lives of Boston University students. We tackle issues which students face in the classroom as well as in the broader context of their time at Boston University. For this upcoming year, the Academic Affairs team is excited about implementing a wide variety of initiatives ranging from reporting to the administration regarding the new Hub program, to improving the transparency of final exam grading. We plan to collect and utilize data to ensure the initiatives we propose are those that the student body wants. At the end of the day, all students come to Boston University to learn and receive the best education possible. We hope to work with the entire student body to represent their needs, solve problems, and constantly improve academics on campus. We are always looking for new members and ideas to help accomplish this goal.


Ethan Wong, Director of Academic Affairs

Check in during the fall semester to learn more about Ethan.

Past Academic Affairs Projects

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Academic Grant Competition

One of our missions this year is to assist underfunded academic student organizations make a big impact on campus and for their members. One of the ways we are trying to do this is by creating a Grant Competition for academic student organizations. In this competition, student groups will have the opportunity to submit an idea for a major event or initiative that they would like to push. The event should benefit not only the groups members but also the greater BU community. The best ideas will be given funding, Student Government resources, as well as collaboration/support to implement their event! We are looking for events that are related to academics/academic life, that will attract many students, and that will highlight the mission of your academic student organization.

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Academic Seminar Series

Making a decision about your major and what career you want to pursue is arguably the most daunting aspect of your college life. Each year, many students change their major late in their college career due to a lack of understanding of the job options available, losing out on opportunities and time. To aid in this decision, we are developing the Academic Seminar Series as a way for students to learn more about what their major and their intended career of pursuit. The Academic Seminar Series is a monthly seminar where we will be inviting faculty, alumni, and industry experts to speak about their career, their education, and the factors that helped get them to where they are today. The Academic Affairs department wanted to create a forum where students could network, make connections, and ask the questions that they normally feel uncomfortable asking. We also believe this program is also a way for BU alumni to give back, support their alma mater, and have an impact on current students’ lives. If you know someone who you would like to be at an Academic Seminar, please feel free to reach out to us!