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The Get Funded Program

Every semester, the Senate is allocated a general ledger to be overseen by the Senate chair. While all Senate committees and Senators are able to request money from this fund, any BU Organization is also welcome to request Senate funding.

Please direct any questions regarding the Get Funded Program to the Senate Chair,  


All Boston University Organizations (with a valid BU Engage Account Number) are eligible to request Senate funding. NO private entities or entities not registered with SAO may request. We strongly encourage any org interested in Senate funding to reach out to the Senate Chair ( at this stage in the process for assistance.


 Funding requests will undergo an initial consultation with the Senate Chair and Chairs of the Senate Finance Committee. This process will ensure that the funding request is feasible given what is left in the ledger, that the legislation is written properly, and that the requested use of Senate funds is as inexpensive as possible. 

Senate is comprised of 45 Senators, and all funding requests are subject to a simple majority vote. All funding requests are subject to Senate approval, and may be amended on the floor to alter the amount of funding requested for any reason.

Funding requests are considered on a first come first serve basis, and there is no guarantee that Senate funds will last throughout the entirety of the academic year. Typically, funding requests range from $200 - $800, but you may request up to $2,000 at a time. The typical Senate ledger has between $5,000 - $7,000 per semester for student groups outside of Student Government. 



First, fill out a Senate Funding Request. Here is a template, and here is a how-to guide, which includes examples of previous funding requests.

Second, make your google slidedeck. You will have five minutes to present your rationale for the funding request to Senate.  (If you need more than five minutes, this is okay-- the Chair will motion to extend the presentation time.)  There is no template for this.

Third, submit your materials. ALL resolutions and slidedecks must be emailed to the Senate Chair ( no later than 8pm EST on the Saturday prior to our Monday Senate meetings. If any edits need to be made to materials after this deadline, the request will automatically be moved to the next week's Senate agenda.

Finally, present! Senate meets on Monday evenings from 7:45pm-10pm in CAS B20. There is no dress code (unless specified by the Senate Chair). Below are the Spring 2024 meeting dates : 

February 5
February 26
March 4
March 25
April 8
April 22
April 29



 In the event that your funding requests garners a simple majority in the Senate, the Student Body President must then sign your funding request into action. This process can take between a day to a week.  

Once your funding request has been officially approved, you will recieve an email from the Senate Chair with next steps. Please have your BU Engage account number handy for this process. 


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