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16,000 STRONG


16,000 Strong:
16K is a student government committee dedicated to educating, empowering, and uniting BU against sexual assault. We work to foster a safer and healthier community while also educating students about safe sex, consent, and sexual agency.



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Sophia Sorcigli ( )
This year, I hope for 16k to serve as a  bridge between the BU community and admin, as well as a space to support victims and survivors of SA as well as take action to do as much as possible to prevent SA on campus and beyond. 

Taking what was successful from prior leaders and seeing where we can grow as a committee will serve to guide our mission. From events such as FRIES, supporting the Survior Vigil, holding a Self Defense class, working with IMPACTS SHARP and working together with other leaders of student orgs and committees, we will only grow stronger. 

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Suhani Poore (
I am from a small town in Texas and a culture set in traditional patterns and old mindsets, therefore student leadership on issues that require modern changes is very important to me.  I am dedicated and driven to advocate for those who aren't able to speak up or feel too stigmatized to. I want to create last-longing change on campus regarding policies and the forum in which sexual assault cases are handled, working alongside the faculty who are handling them. I would love to create a safe space for survivors on campus while being able to provide reliable and accessible resources and support for them. My main personal goal is to reach those who wouldn't actively search for 16k on campus, but would ultimately benefit from the community we create. 


16K aims to provide a safe space for survivors and victims of SA, as well as work to prevent SA on campus. This year 16k is also hoping to go beyond BU’s campus and take on volunteering outside of Boston University. 

Last year, 16k passed the Survivor's Bill of Rights, a document that highlights and recognizes survivors rights on SA. This year we hope to make this document known to the student body of BU and also take in suggestions on how we can improve it. 

This year, we hope to plan self defense classes as well as outings to volunteer at female shelters, as well as bring back successful events from last year such as FRIES! Beyond events, we aim to collect research in collaboration with SHARP (formerly under IMPACT), to see what the students of BU want to see change in terms of process of reporting SA on campus, what resources students want to see more of, and how 16k can work to support all students. 

To find more on everything, visit 16kstrong on instagram and feel free to dm us! 

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