Department of Recruitment

The Department of Recruitment is responsible for recruiting, educating and maintaining the interest of the student body in the goals and initiatives of Student Government. We work with the other departments to determine how we can expand and improve our reach and influence to students and faculty members. We also communicate with different student groups and organizations at Boston University in order to promote the initiatives of Senate and the other Departments. We will be connecting with students directly through Splash and many other first month events and  collecting their contact information for better outreach throughout the year. Our primary goal is to expand Student Government into a reputable and visible force on campus and throughout Boston.


Office Hours: Wednesday from 11-12 a.m.

Jordan Exum, Director of Recruitment

Hello Everyone! Im Jordan Exum and I am the Director of Recruitment of Student Government for the 2018-2019 school year! I am born and raised in Los Angeles, California! I am a rising senior studying Film and Television in COM with a minor in African American Studies. My time at BU has been some of the most special and enlightening times in my life. I am so eager to meet new people and tell them more about how awesome and necessary Student Government is! I am so excited for what this year holds for us! See you at SPLASH!!!

Recruitment Projects



This year the Department of Recruitment will be focusing on how to recruit BU students to Student Government. Recruitment has been filtering sign-ups through google forms in an effort to make sure people get recruited for their specific interests within Student Government. Recruitment will be visiting different club and organization meetings in order to make our presence known to the student body. Additionally, they will be managing the Student Government Job Portal in order to keep open positions up to date and send applicant info to their desired directors or senators.