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Expect More Committee:
The Expect More Committee is a group within Boston University's Student Government legislative branch that greatly emphasizes data for the use of student initiatives. We work with all students and organizations alike to survey the student body and analyze data and advise solutions of the highest quality. If you are interested in joining or need help with information collection/analysis, please feel free to contact us through Instagram @expectmorebu




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Senthil Meyyappan (
My name is Senthil and I'm a third-year student at BU studying Political Science and International Relations. From Glen Allen, Virginia, I am a passionate student activist who is greatly involved in a number of campus organizations. I have served in numerous roles in student government, both at the BU level and the College of Arts & Sciences level throughout my time at BU. This year, I look forward to serving as one of the two Co-Chairs for the Expect More Senate Committee and I hope to improve student activists' access to data and quantitative backing through this role.

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Mason Carlucci (
I am Mason Carlucci, a sophomore majoring in data science and minoring in political science and business. At BU I am the Chief of Staff of BosMUN, a high school Model UN conference hosted by BU, and am part of our Model UN travel team MUN@BU. I’m from Norwalk, CT and grew up surrounded by diversity. At BU, diversity is our strength and as co-chair of Expect More I want to ensure that each and every student’s voice is heard and acted upon.  

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