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IMPACT Committee:
Addressing Visibility. Fixing decentralization, amplifying diverse communities & encouraging students to find, meet, & help one another ensures all Terriers feel supported, welcomed, and most importantly, safe. Building Authenticity. We believe a campus that welcomes the right to explore & learn about any & all aspects of who you are & what kind of people you want to surround yourselves with ensures authenticity. To these ends & more, we have the initiatives, drive & excitement to IMPACT BU!





Yash Patel (
I’m a Junior studying Economics and International Relations (Pre-Law)! I’m a co-chair of the IMPACT senate committee, and within it play a major part in leading the Asian Student Task Force! My goal for senate, for IMPACT, is advocating for any student at BU who feels marginalized by an irremovable aspect of their identity. Through IMPACT, and our various task forces I hope to work together with Senate and the various communities we represent to address these issues and solve them. I’m excited for the progress we’ll make!

Miguel Feliciano (

My name is Miguel Feliciano, I use he/they pronouns, and I'm a sophomore studying Political Science. As Co-Chair of the IMPACT Committee, it is my personal goal to assure marginalized students on campus have the appropriate resources available to them. I focus on the Latine Student Task Force within the Committee, which focuses on drafting a report with quantitative and qualitative data and a list of comprehensive recommendations for administration on the resources us Latino students need expanded. In my position, I hope to oversee the creation of unique Student Resource Centers for Latine, Black, and Asian students on campus. It is my everyday goal to assure all students feel included within the IMPACT family, regardless of their identity. 


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