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Rules Committee:
The Rules Committee serves to advise and harmonize all standing rules and procedures of the Senate, college government by-laws, and the Student Government Constitution to ensure their alignment and coherence. 

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Braedon Blumfield (
What's up guys, my name is Braedon and I'm a sophomore studying pollical science and economics hailing from beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I'm honored, excited, and totally stoked to represent CAS this year in the student senate! As a senator I hope to bring awareness to issues facing the student body and advocate for impactful solutions through collective action. In particular, I want to work towards increasing mental heath resources on campus in conjunction with student leaders and SHS so students can get the help they need and deserve. I also wish to increase awareness of mold and hygiene concerns within the dorms to put pressure on administration to ensure the health of the student population. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns or just anything at all! 


Jeremiah Somoine (
Hi everyone! My name is Jeremiah, and I am a freshman studying Computer Science. I was born in NJ but raised in Kenya. As a person who is new to BU and new to The Senate, I know how overwhelming the by-laws can look at first glance; that is why this year, I plan on serving the Senate by being a resource for all senators who do not fully understand the Legislative by-laws. I will do my best to make sure the senators have the means to enact positive change on campus.


The Rules Committee serves to help clarify all the standing rules and procedures of the Senate.
Whether this be questions or issues regarding the Student Government Constitution, the
By-Laws, or the internal proceedings of the Senate. We strive to ensure an efficient and
cohesive management of the Senate so that the Senate may work towards improving the lives
of students on Campus!

Additionally, the Rules Committee works as a resource to support Senators in starting and
working on their initiatives and in the process of creating legislation. In this process we make
sure that any Amendments proposed by members of the Senate are in accordance with the
Student Government Constitution and the By-laws. We hope to assist all Senators so that they
can reach their full potential!

If you are a Senator or a Student who has any questions about the workings of the Senate or
wants help making change on campus feel free to reach out!

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