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The Department of City Affairs aims to connect students to the wider Boston community and local government leaders. All Terriers are also Boston residents, and as such, have a responsibility to take care of and help the greater Boston community. Some of our major projects include the institutionalization of voter registration at BU and broader efforts to support and uplift local businesses. Our aim is to foster civic engagement and community involvement at BU and beyond.


CAS ’23

Hi, hola! My name is Gabriela M. Ramirez; I'm so excited to be the Director of City Affairs. I am a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Policy Analysis. I am a life-long resident of East Boston, MA, and a proud daughter of Salvadoran immigrants.


Growing up in East Boston has fueled my passion for organizing, being involved in my community, and fostering relationships with those around me. Previously I served as the Boston Community Liaison and Co-Director, where I developed and co-led our Boston Public Schools Partnership Program. I cannot wait to bring my passion to the department again this year!


This year, I am excited to continue with our partnership program with BPS, expand our work in engaging with the City of Boston, and allow BU students to familiarize and integrate themselves with the Boston community. I look forward to getting to know many of you and working to make everyone's experience at BU even more memorable.




Boston Welcome Guide




In Spring 2022, City Affairs staffers worked on creating a Boston Welcome Guide. This guide is a resource for BU students to get to know the Boston community such as business and travel destinations like museums and parks. 

The Boston Intercollegiate Government (BIG) is a non-partisan, student-led governance organization that represents over 60,000 undergraduates in the Greater Boston Area (GBA). Through intercollegiate collaboration, BIG hosts student-centered civic engagement events and leads advocacy initiatives on local, state, and federal levels. Learn more under Resources.

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