The Department of Academic Affairs aims to improve the academic lives of Boston University students. We tackle issues that students face in the classroom as well as in the broader context of their time at Boston University. For this upcoming year, the Academic Affairs team is excited about implementing a wide variety of initiatives ranging from reporting to the administration regarding the new Hub program, to improving the transparency of final exam grading. We plan to collect and utilize data to ensure the initiatives we propose are those that the student body wants. At the end of the day, all students come to Boston University to learn and receive the best education possible. We hope to work with the entire student body to represent their needs, solve problems, and constantly improve academics on campus. We are always looking for new members and ideas to help accomplish this goal.

Monday 2:00 - 3:00 P.M.

CAS ’22

Hey there! My name is Ana Obergfell, and I am so honored to be your Director of City Affairs. I am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a double major in French and Political Science. As my academic interests might imply, I devour political podcasts, and French philosophy is my joie de vivre. I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado, but I was born in Lithuania. Growing up with a feisty immigrant mom and a true Coloradan dad gave me a unique perspective about what it means to be an active and engaged citizen𑁋a perspective I carry with me as Director of City Affairs. 

At Boston University, I serve as the Treasurer of BU’s Wandering Minds theater group. So, if I’m not studying in Kilachand, perhaps you’ll see me at rehearsals or on stage! I am also on the Dean’s Host Executive Board for the College of General Studies. While in the College of General Studies, I served as the CGS Student Government Secretary, and I was a Peer Mentor and Dean’s Host.

This year, I am so excited to serve my fellow terriers and work with an incredible team to execute OneBU’s platform. As Director of City Affairs, I plan to promote civic engagement, foster discussions regarding political issues, and connect BU students with their local community. As terriers, we not only have a responsibility to care for one another, but we have a responsibility to care for the Greater Boston community, our home away from home. 

Please feel free to contact me via email, social media, or if we pass one another on campus. I’d love to hear your ideas about student government, and of course, I’d be just as happy to talk about French philosophy!



Hi! My name is Venus Chau. I major in International Relations with a concentration in Foreign Policy and Security Studies. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but I spent several years studying in Mainland China. I immigrated to the U.S. during high school. My experience leads to my immense interest in International Affairs and public service, thus leading to my participation in the Department of City Affairs. I understand the struggle of assimilating into a culture that we didn’t grow up in and being a first-generation student to study at an American university. I am hoping to engage more students from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds to participate in student government and voice their opinions. 

At Boston University, I served as the Vice President of the CGS Student Government during my sophomore year. I also serve as the Dean’s Host and a peer academic mentor in CGS. I joined the Army ROTC program in my sophomore year. In my free time, if my procrastination doesn’t get the better of me, I go to practice in the BU Fencing Club. 

If you have any ideas, comments, concerns related to the Department of City Affairs, feel free to reach out to me via email or social media platforms.





In order to make the voting process easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the voter deadlines and forms required by every state in the USA. We emphasize mail-in voting as we know that many BU students come from out of state. We hope that this guide encourages you to vote and makes the process as smooth as possible!




The Boston Intercollegiate Government (BIG) is a non-partisan, student-led governance organization that represents over 60,000 undergraduates in the Greater Boston Area (GBA). Through intercollegiate collaboration, BIG hosts student-centered civic engagement events and leads advocacy initiatives on local, state, and federal levels. Learn more under Resources.

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