The Department of Academic Affairs aims to improve the academic lives of Boston University students. We tackle issues that students face in the classroom as well as in the broader context of their time at Boston University. For this upcoming year, the Academic Affairs team is excited about implementing a wide variety of initiatives ranging from reporting to the administration regarding the new Hub program, to improving the transparency of final exam grading. We plan to collect and utilize data to ensure the initiatives we propose are those that the student body wants. At the end of the day, all students come to Boston University to learn and receive the best education possible. We hope to work with the entire student body to represent their needs, solve problems, and constantly improve academics on campus. We are always looking for new members and ideas to help accomplish this goal.

CAS ’22


Hey there! My name is Ana Obergfell, and I am honored to serve as your Director of City Affairs for a second year. I’m a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing two majors in French and Political Science. As my studies might imply, I devour political podcasts, and French philosophy is my joie de vivre. I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado, but I was born in Lithuania. Growing up with an immigrant mom gave me a unique perspective about what it means to be an active and engaged citizen𑁋a perspective I carry with me as Director of City Affairs. Outside of Student Government, you might find me on stage as I’m the Vice President of Wandering Minds (@wmindsbu)!


In the past three years, I’ve interned for Senator Michael Bennet and City Councilor Andrea Campbell. These opportunities showed me how government entities function on the day-to-day, and they taught me how to build relationships with politicians, advocacy groups, and community leaders. As Director of City Affairs, I hope to use my past experiences to connect BU students to the communities and local leaders around us. As terriers, we not only have a responsibility to care for one another, but we have a responsibility to care for the Greater Boston community𑁋our home away from home.


This past year, my department has partnered with BU Votes (@BUVotes) and Boston Intercollegiate Government (@Bigstugvot) on initiatives like VoteBIG, College Convos, and the Allston Crawl. I plan to build upon these projects but also tackle new projects to uplift local businesses and institutionalize voter registration at BU. If these projects interest you, join my department or reach out to me via social media/email! Of course, I’d be just as happy to talk to you about French philosophy as well.

CAS ’22


Hello everyone! My name is Niamh Stull, and I am senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying political science and classical civilization. I was born in Boston, but I grew up in the Philadelphia area. I love all things Philly - especially the food scene.


Last year was my first year in the Department of City Affairs and in student government in general. I decided to join the Department of City Affairs because I am interested in local politics and wanted to help increase civic engagement on campus and connect students to the Boston community. I am particularly excited to get students involved with the upcoming Boston mayoral election. I really enjoyed my time in City Affairs and was especially proud of our VoteBIG week.


Outside of student government I am also a member of the BU women’s water polo team (@buwomenswaterpolo) and one of the co-presidents of BU Votes (@buvotes). I am hoping to join my work with BU Votes with City Affairs to continue to bring awareness to all things politics on campus.


I am so excited to serve as a deputy director, and I am hope that we can continue to increase civic engagement on campus. Please feel free to reach out to me with ideas!

CAS ’23


Hi, hola! My name is Gabriela M. Ramirez; I'm so excited to be the Deputy Director of City Affairs. I am a junior in the College of Arts and Science, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Policy Analysis.


I am a life-long resident of East Boston, MA, and a proud daughter of Salvadoran immigrants. I am a proud Latina from East Boston, an environmental justice community. A vibrant and soulful city embellished in a colorful tapestry of cultures and traditions of immigrant families that, like my family, arrived from other countries in hopes of a better future.


Growing up in East Boston has fueled my passion for organizing, being involved in my community, and fostering relationships with those around me. Since I can remember, I have been organizing for Environmental and Social Justice, youth empowerment, immigrant rights, and justice. I cannot wait to bring my passion to the department once again this year! Previously I served as the Boston Community Liaison and helped develop and co-lead our Boston Public Schools Partnership Program.


This year, I am excited to continue with our partnership program with BPS, expand our work in engaging with the City of Boston, and allow BU students to familiarize and integrate themselves with the Boston community. I look forward to getting to know many of you and working to make everyone's experience at BU even more memorable.





In order to make the voting process easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the voter deadlines and forms required by every state in the USA. We emphasize mail-in voting as we know that many BU students come from out of state. We hope that this guide encourages you to vote and makes the process as smooth as possible!




The Boston Intercollegiate Government (BIG) is a non-partisan, student-led governance organization that represents over 60,000 undergraduates in the Greater Boston Area (GBA). Through intercollegiate collaboration, BIG hosts student-centered civic engagement events and leads advocacy initiatives on local, state, and federal levels. Learn more under Resources.