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The Department of Environmental Affairs advocates for all issues concerning environmental safety and sustainability on campus, including advocating to the Boston University administration for environmental sustainability policies and implementation of those policies. The Department also acts as the direct liaison to all environmental organizations on campus. During the 2018-2019 academic year, we hope to partner with specific environmental organizations on campus to coordinate events that educate the student body on the importance of climate change and sustainability. We are also working towards changing university policy regarding smoking on campus and recycling units in dormitories. The Department of Environmental Affairs hopes to reduce the university’s carbon footprint and help students at BU make greener decisions. If you are interested in sustainability or passionate about the environment, please consider getting involved!

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CAS '25
Office Hours: Tues 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Hello! My name is Delaney Foster, and I'm a sophomore (Go class of 2025!) studying Marine Science in CAS. I'm originally from a town called Stuart in Florida, and Boston is the first city I have lived in. I grew up around nature and have been engaged in environmental activism and education from a young age.


I became interested in environmental activism at a young age from seeing my local environment being consistently damaged, and that is what lead to me joining the Environmental Affairs department as a freshman. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with leaders in conservation and passionate peers from around the world. Most recently I interned with an offshore wind company as a fisheries intern with a focus on mitigation and outreach. Outside of Student Government I have had the chance to be part of various environmental clubs on campus, and see the work done by countless dedicated people.


When not doing StuGov work you can find me sitting on the Esplanade and exploring Boston. When I can't do that, whether from Canadian Geese or weather, you can find me hanging out with friends on South Campus. I also love to read and play video games when I get the chance.


I have a few goals for this year and one revolves around environmental justice. I firmly believe that it is not a variety of initiatives, but a consistent way of looking at projects and events. To every extent possible an understanding of the societal implications and biases will be incorporated. Along with this, I aim to support staffers in pursuing their interests!


If you ever want to learn more about environmental affairs, need some resources or want to chat about opportunities around Boston I would love for you to reach out!

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CAS '23


Hey! My name is Dana and I'm a senior studying Earth and Environmental Science. I'm from Vienna, Virginia, which has had a huge influence on my passion for the environment. Being so close to major national parks and watersheds growing up, I was exposed to the most natural form of our planet, making preserving our Earth quite personal. Other things that I love include working out, music, food, and fashion.

Entering BU as a freshman, I was as lost as you can get in terms of my career in Environmental Science. I knew I wanted to protect the planet, but couldn't seem to narrow down which path was right for me. After completing an internship at a non-profit working to pass legislation regarding clean energy, water, and air in Massachusetts, I gained confidence in the field of Environmental Science and found a path that is both essential and rewarding. For this semester, I hope that the Environmental Affairs department can work together to educate the students and faculty of BU about the state of our environment and hopefully get them thinking about how/why their actions affect it. For many, including myself, protecting the environment is a daunting task. With the efforts of everyone in our community at a local level, that daunting task can turn into simple, small changes in each of our everyday lives. These small changes are the pillars of global change.


I'm so excited to be a part of this team and hope to work towards a cleaner, greener BU!!

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