The Department of Environmental Affairs advocates for all issues concerning environmental safety and sustainability on campus, including advocating to the Boston University administration for environmental sustainability policies and implementation of those policies. The Department also acts as the direct liaison to all environmental organizations on campus. During the 2018-2019 academic year, we hope to partner with specific environmental organizations on campus to coordinate events that educate the student body on the importance of climate change and sustainability. We are also working towards changing university policy regarding smoking on campus and recycling units in dormitories. The Department of Environmental Affairs hopes to reduce the university’s carbon footprint and help students at BU make greener decisions. If you are interested in sustainability or passionate about the environment, please consider getting involved!

Tuesday 2:00 - 3:00 P.M.

CAS ’22

Hello! My name is Neha Chinwalla. I’m a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Earth and Environmental Sciences, with minors in Marine Science and Political Science. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and now reside in the city (Go Bears !!). 

I have been a proud member of the Department of Environmental Affairs since my first semester at BU in Spring 2019. I served as a staffer my first semester, and then as Deputy Director last year. My vision for the Department of Environmental Affairs is to build community around sustainability and climate justice. I want to provide our campus the resources to empower every individual to find their role in sustainability. I am passionate about intersectional environmentalism and am continuously learning how I can best serve our community and our planet. 

Outside of Student Government, I am an Events and Logistics intern with BU Sustainability, a volunteer in the Rotjan Marine Ecology Lab, and a member of the BU Running Club (say hi if you see us running down Comm Ave!). In my free time, I love reading, arts and crafts (Big Bullet Journaler over here), and spending time outdoors. 

Please reach out to me with any ideas or if you would like to get involved. I truly believe that when we practice sustainability in our personal lives and come together to fight for the climate, we will create the solutions and make the change. We are the environmentalists of today and the future, so let’s get to work!



Hi, my name is Dan Kelly. I am a senior in the Pardee School of Global Studies as an International Relations major with a concentration in Environment and Development. 

In 1969, Santa Barbara, California, where I have grown up, witnessed a massive oil spill off of our coastline which became a tipping point in US environmental activism, prompting the creation of what we know as Earth Day. Naturally, fighting for greater environmental regulation and practice is a significant part of who I am and is what brought me to this department. I have been with environmental affairs since the fall of 2019 and have seen the ways in which student government can be a vehicle for change-making, which has inspired me to continue my work within this amazing group of people. 

Looking ahead, and in the context of the pandemic, this year will bring a lot of opportunity for positive growth especially within the environmental realm: I am excited to be a part of that change, within this department, student government, and with you—the student body.


775 Commonwealth Ave., Lower Level

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