Department of Environmental Affairs

The Department of Environmental Affairs advocates for all issues concerning environmental safety and sustainability on campus, including advocating to the Boston University administration for environmental sustainability policies and implementation of those policies. The Department also acts as the direct liaison to all environmental organizations on campus. During the 2018-2019 academic year, we hope to partner with specific environmental organizations on campus to coordinate events that educate the student body on the importance of climate change and sustainability. We are also working towards changing university policy regarding smoking on campus and recycling units in dormitories. The Department of Environmental Affairs hopes to reduce the university’s carbon footprint and help students at BU make greener decisions. If you are interested in sustainability or passionate about the environment, please consider getting involved!

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Office Hours: Tuesday from 3-4 p.m.

Grace Li, Director of Environmental Affairs

Hello Terriers! My name is Grace Li and I’m your Director of Environmental Affairs for the 2018-2019 year. I’m a senior from Needham, MA who is pursuing a dual-degree in International Relations and Advertising, with a Concentration in Sustainable Development. Upon graduation, I hope to pursue a career in environmental policy. In my role, I will work to reduce Boston University’s carbon footprint through policy changes and initiatives, and educate the student body on the importance of climate change and sustainability. I hope to inspire others to make green decisions in their own lives, and have the courage to push for bigger changes as well. I am so excited for what this year holds!

Environmental Affairs Projects


Designated Smoking Areas

Environmental Affairs is working to change university policy on smoking through the introduction of designated smoking areas and increased awareness of the dangers of smoking. Smoking is both an environmental pollutant and a public health crisis. We hope to alter smoking culture at BU to protect the health of both our environment and campus. The committee is currently meeting with university officials and drafting new legislation.


Increased partnership with Sustainability@BU

Environmental Affairs is partnering with Sustainability@BU to co-sponsor events on campus that promote awareness of climate change and work to reduce the university's carbon footprint. We hope these educational events will influence students and drive them to make greener decisions in their own lives.