Department of Communications

The Goal of the Department of Communications is to ensure that the student body knows what is happening within the student government. Transparency and accountability are critical aspects of the Student Government; without it the foundations on which the organization is built on will be called into question. In order to make that a reality we will be having press conferences, creating and distributing flyers and posters, and will be constantly active on social media. This way, every student should find it easy to figure out what the Student Government is up to.

Lia Valdez, Director of Communications

Check in during the fall semester to learn more about Lia.

Past Communications Projects


Press Conferences

The Communications department will be hosting press conferences this semester. With press conferences, the student run publications across campus can be updated on the current events within Student Government. Be on the lookout for a Student Government mention in your favorite campus newspaper!



The Communications Department ensures that Student Government is a visible part of campus life. To do that we do our best to make sure the events and initiatives that Senate, Committees and Cabinet create get the exposure they need. Expect to see Student Government fliers across campus, follow us on social media, and check back at our website to stay up-to-date on what we're doing.