The Goal of the Department of Communications is to ensure that the student body knows what is happening within the student government. Transparency and accountability are critical aspects of the Student Government; without it the foundations on which the organization is built on will be called into question. In order to make that a reality we will be having press conferences, creating and distributing flyers and posters, and will be constantly active on social media. This way, every student should find it easy to figure out what the Student Government is up to.

Monday 11:00 A.M.- 12:00 P.M.

CAS ’22

Ting is a junior pursuing a dual degree in History and Political Science. Born in China and raised in Boston, Ting has enjoyed the deep and rich history of the city, not to mention the food (boba) and scenery that accompanies it. Having previously served as a staffer in the Department of Communications and in the College of General Studies, Ting is excited to continue working on social media, advertising, designing, and advocating on behalf of the Student Government and the student body! On campus, Ting is involved in the Pre-Law Review (@buplr) as the Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, Pre-Law Society, UHA, Gaming Club, and publications such as the IRR (@bu_iaa) , The Buzz (@thebubuzz) , Charcoal (@charcoal_mag), and of course, the Pre-Law Review.


He loves designing projects and working with those in the BU Community and beyond! In addition, Ting has worked with BU Votes (@buvotes) to help students register to vote and serves on the Massachusetts Senior Classical League board! He is always ready to talk and his goal for this year is to make sure that Student Government can be representative of the student body through its messaging (and also provide nice graphics)!

CAS ’22

Hey! My name is Carina Wang and I am a junior double majoring in economics and psychology. I was born in New Jersey, but I have spent a little over half my life in Connecticut, where I live now. At BU, you can find me writing & editing articles for Her Campus and working at the Center for Career Development and Educational Resource Center as a student ambassador. Off campus, I’m a huge fan of shopping on Newbury, exploring the city, and having impromptu movie nights with my friends. 

In my freshman year, I was a member of the Public Relations committee of CAS Student Government, which I fell in love with. The year after, I was a web manager for BUSG’s Communications department, and I’m so excited to return this year as the Deputy Director! I’ve always been really interested in communications as a whole—in high school I had the opportunity to be the Editor-in-Chief of both the school news-magazine and yearbook. These formative experiences not only helped me develop my writing and editing skills, but really inspired a passion for presenting information in a way that both celebrates and unites people, which is my goal for my communications work this year. I’m a big believer in the impact student government can have and I’m enthusiastic to be part of the team that aims to bring our initiatives and projects to the people who matter the most: the student body.