Chief of Staff

The Chiefs of Staff work closely with the Student Body President and the Executive Vice-President to assist in fulfilling the E-Board’s vision for the current term of Student Government. As the E-Board and Cabinet execute their initiatives and events there will often be the need to complete unforeseen tasks as logistical complexities arise. The Chiefs of Staff are not charged with a specific set of duties in the way that Cabinet Directors are; rather, they are given enough independence to work on a diverse array of impromptu tasks on behalf of the E-Board. In this way, they are ideally suited to serve as versatile aides to the Student Body President.

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Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12 pm-1pm, or by appointment

Nneka Oyigbo, cheif of staff to the President

Hello Terriers! My name is Nneka Oyigbo, and I am absolutely delighted to serve as Chief of Staff for the 2019-2020 academic year! I am a Massachusetts native and come from a small town just 30 minutes outside of Boston, so I practically grew up in the city!  I am currently a senior at the Pardee School of Global Studies, studying international relations. Throughout my three years here at BU, I have been involved with many organizations because it was very important to me to leave my mark on the university. In the past, I have been privileged enough to serve as Vice President of an organization called the Minority Connection Initiative, a staff editor for a magazine called Hoochie Feminist, and as an events assistant for BosMUN 2019. Therefore, I am extremely excited to continue my service and give back to the university through my role within student government this year! Whether you see me walking down Comm Ave or behind the front desk at Fitrec, please feel free to stop me and say hello!