CAS ’22

The Chief of Staff works closely with the Student Body President and the Executive Vice-President to assist in fulfilling the E-Board’s vision for the current term of Student Government. As the E-Board and Cabinet execute their initiatives and events there will often be the need to complete unforeseen tasks as logistical complexities arise. The Chief of Staff is not charged with a specific set of duties in the way that Cabinet Directors are; rather, they are given enough independence to work on a diverse array of impromptu tasks on behalf of the E-Board. In this way, they are ideally suited to serve as versatile aides to the Student Body President.

Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30 P.M.

My name is Wilfred Chirinos and it is my honor to be serving as Chief of Staff for the Student Government E-Board and the BU student body. I am the son of two Venezuelan-immigrants and was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. It was in my hometown that I found a passion for social activism working with various social justice groups and coalitions to actively work towards a better future. Currently, I am a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Political Science with a minor in History.

I transferred to BU after my freshman year at Springfield College where I had suffered an injury that ultimately ended my football playing days. Having experienced this paradigm shift in my life, I sought to attend an institution that would nurture the person I wanted to become and BU has become that place. Since my short arrival at BU, I have been involved in Brother United, have volunteered in a Boston Public School, have been involved in student government serving as the campaign manager for the OneBU slate and as of the Spring of 2020, am currently on the Boston University Orientation Staff.

The reason why I chose to become involved is that I believe that BU is a microcosm of the world; a world filled with individuals who have unique life experiences that when brought together, can foster growth not only for the individuals themselves but the community as a whole- a catalyst for meaningful change. I believe that the student government exists to adequately serve the means that nourish the growth of the community and its individuals, and I want to do my part to work towards that.

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