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Boston University is home to an incredibly complex, diverse, and unique undergraduate student body. The Department of Social Advocacy is dedicated to making sure that it’s complex, diverse, and unique students all have the best experiences at BU possible. We aim to do so by creating a community that is welcoming and open to all. In the 2018-2019 school year, we have several initiatives being implemented to enhance the BU student’s overall time at the university. This includes a Terrier Survival Guide, more mental health programming, and an increased emphasis on the student experience. We strive to make every student’s time at BU, one they remember fondly, and hope to work with the entire student body in making that a reality. We are advocates for the students so, if there are any changes you feel would better BU, please feel free to reach out at any time during the year. Go Terriers!


CAS '24

Office Hours: Fri 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Hi! My name is Alex (he/him), and I'm from Orlando, Florida. I'm a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Political Science and International Relations. I've served in student government in some way since my first semester at BU, starting in the CAS advocacy committee during my freshman year, and serving as a Senator last year. In that time, I've tried to serve the student body as best I can, and the BU community as a whole. This year, I want the department to come to the forefront of student issues, as the student body not only deserves people in their corner, but the comfort of knowing those people have their best interests at heart. A great deal of my focus is centered around student employees' issues, as well as LGBTQ+ issues, but I will fight for the students wherever they need.


On a less serious note, my favorite TV show is Avatar, the Last Airbender. When I'm not bingeing that or Star Wars, I'm likely either playing video games with friends or trying to learn Japanese!



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