Boston University is home to an incredibly complex, diverse, and unique undergraduate student body. The Department of Social Advocacy is dedicated to making sure that it’s complex, diverse, and unique students all have the best experiences at BU possible. We aim to do so by creating a community that is welcoming and open to all. In the 2018-2019 school year, we have several initiatives being implemented to enhance the BU student’s overall time at the university. This includes a Terrier Survival Guide, more mental health programming, and an increased emphasis on the student experience. We strive to make every student’s time at BU, one they remember fondly, and hope to work with the entire student body in making that a reality. We are advocates for the students so, if there are any changes you feel would better BU, please feel free to reach out at any time during the year. Go Terriers!

Monday 1:00-2:00 P.M.


Soumya (CAS/ SAR’21), Director of Social Advocacy, is a senior in the dual degree program studying Neurobiology and Human Physiology. Originally from India, it took a little time for her to find her place at BU but soon found communities that have kept her sane and motivated. Her role as the Director of Recruitment last year as well as organizations/programs like the Hindu Students Council, Alternative Service Breaks, Peer Mentor Program, and Wellbeing Project inspired Soumya to undertake the role of the Director of Social Advocacy.


One of her major goals this year is uplifting and supporting student groups on campus who are doing an incredible job of demanding change on campus and beyond! Outside of Student Government, Soumya is an avid swimmer, an amateur (emphasis on AMATEUR) boxer, a Learning Assistant for BI315, and Research Assistant on BU Med Campus. 

CAS ’22



Hey, I'm Thara (she/her/hers), the current Deputy Director of Social Advocacy, a junior studying Neuroscience at CAS, and a fellow New Jerseyan! A few things about me are that I enjoy watching fast-paced sitcoms, reading fantasy series, and attempting (emphasis on ATTEMPTING) to cook recipes.

The recent events the U.S. went through made me gain a new perspective on advocacy and what more I could do to help the communities that need to be heard. Therefore, I joined Student Government with the intent to make improvements to our current systems and further help the student population!

Other advocacy work I pursue includes being an Advocacy Member of BU CAS Student Government and the Deputy Director of Program Directions at the national non-profit company, University Blood Initiative, where we focus on the national blood donation crisis. 

Though 2020 wasn't the greatest, I'm super excited to work with Soumya and the rest of the Social Advocacy team to accomplish our goals for this coming year and make 2021 at least a little better for everyone. If you have ideas that you'd like to see implemented (or even if you'd like to say hi), feel free to reach out!